American Express Zip Code For Bill Pay

american express zip code for bill pay

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The simplest way to make a payment on your American Express credit card is online or by phone, at (800) 472-9297. Additional payment options include mailing a check or using the American Express mobile app. Cardholders of American Express can set up automatic payments as well.

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How To Pay Your Card Bill | Amex International Dollar Card

How to Pay your Bill · Mailing Address American Express Attn: Foreign Card Member Payments P.O. Box 409050. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33340-9050 · Physical Address for …

American Express Payment Address for Credit Cards

Dec 3, 2021 · 1 answer The American Express card payment address is: American Express P.O. Box 650448. Dallas, TX 75265-0448 . American Express accepts payments by …


Where is zip code on American Express card?

Enter the 4-digit number printed on your physical American Express Card’s front, just above your account number, just above the 4-digit Card ID number. Enter the first five digits of the Zip Code found on your American Express billing statement, which are located at your billing address.

What is the billing zip code for American Express?

Carson, CA 90746.

Where do I send my American Express payment?

Once you make an online payment, your account will reflect the payment within 24-36 hours. If you still prefer to mail a check or money order, please make it payable to American Express. Please make sure that your payment has your account number on the front. 20500 Belshaw Ave.

What is the payment address?

A billing address is the address associated with a particular payment method, most often a credit or debit card. Businesses use the billing address to confirm that a card’s use is authorized. Additionally, businesses use it to send paper bills and bank statements.

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