Amtrustnorthamerica Com Bill Pay

amtrustnorthamerica com bill pay

In addition to safeguarding assets with the proper commercial insurance coverage, managing a small business successfully depends on the ability to maximize cash flow when controlling expenses. AmTrust provides a range of payment options and plans to its insureds as a result.

Our flexible, easy, and convenient payment options for commercial liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and other business owners’ policies take the hassle out of the process. For descriptions of the option that might work best for you and information on how to sign up, continue reading.

Our direct debit payment option automatically withdraws from the designated bank account, so there’s no need to worry about writing a check every month.

Log into AmTrust Online at www. amtrustfinancial. com and click “Insured Registration. “Once you’ve signed up, go to the menu item to set up a Direct Debit.” Once the necessary details are provided, payments will start being automatically withheld each month.

Available 24/7 at www. amtrustnorthamerica. com, you can use a credit card or electronic check to make minimum payments or the entire balance.

Your invoice contains all the information you need to register. Log in to AmTrust Online and select Insured Registration from the homepage’s upper right corner to access the payment area.

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AmTrust Online Login

Agents and policyholders can login to AmTrust Online for 24/7 access to policies, claims, submissions, payments and more.

PAYO® (Pay-As-You-Owe®) – AmTrust Financial

AmTrust PAYO takes away the guesswork and provides insureds a way to make smaller, more accurate payments based on their actual payroll . This frees up cash to …


What is AmTrust online?

AmTrust Online is our user-friendly web-based submission system that enables agents to submit risks to underwriting quickly and easily. It offers a variety of features and information at your disposal. You will be able to use AmTrust Online as an AmTrust agent to: Submit and bind new business

Who is AmTrust North America?

AmTrust offers small businesses, professional and financial services firms, retailers, and manufacturers around the world insurance protection, warranty programs, and risk management expertise. AmTrust is a significant player in the commercial property and casualty market and the third-largest provider of workers’ compensation in the U S.

Who is AmTrust owned by?

Entrepreneurs George and Michael Karfunkel and current Chairman, CEO, and President Barry Zyskind established AmTrust Financial Services in downtown Manhattan to concentrate on niche specialty property and casualty markets that they believed were underserved by larger insurance carriers and to focus on classes of

How do I file a claim with AmTrust?

How to File a ClaimStep 1: The Employee Notifies the Employer of an Injury Step 2: The employer notifies their insurance company of the claim. The third step is for the insurer to either accept or reject the claim. Step 4: Keep receiving medical care while keeping track of the progress of your claim. Step 5: The employee returns to work.

Pay-As-You-Owe® (PAYO®) Our PAYO® solution makes workers’ compensation insurance premium payments as seamless as possible.  PAYO® works with approved payroll companies to calculate premium payment on what is owed each pay period based on the monthly reports issued to AmTrust.

  • Improved cash flow because premium is paid with actual payroll
  • Reduced potential of additional or return premium at audit
  • Simplified process because your payroll company handles payment and calculation
  • Verify the workers’ compensation report from your payroll provider is accurate; AmTrust requests a copy of the report as well as details on how the provider plans to submit the insured’s premium payment. Contact your AmTrust sales representative to find out if a payroll company is approved or to submit a company for approval.

    Additional payment options include check, phone, and monthly self-report. For additional information on these options visit, Payment Options.

    AmTrust appointed agents, who are not a part of our team, have access to all of our online tools and 24-hour support. Contact us to learn more.

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