Arstrat Bill Pay

arstrat bill pay

Call right away to learn how to have ARStrat removed from your record without (potentially) paying your debt.

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ARStrat – Industry Leading Healthcare Collection Services

Our collections services offer an extremely cost-effective, customer-oriented means of resolving unpaid self- pay accounts. Our team maximizes cash recovery …

Patient Collection Services – ARStrat

Patients receive information, payment options, and tools which allow patients to be empowered and participate in resolving their account balances. This enables …


Is ARstrat real?

Although its collection efforts may verge on spam, ARstrat LLC is a reputable and established debt collection company.They are a division of GetixHealth, a company that has its main offices in Houston and has been collecting debts from customers since 2015

How do I contact ARstrat?

T (888) 250-6379
  1. Integration Strategy & Performance Reporting.
  2. News & Updates.

Does ARstrat report to credit bureaus?

Whether you pay the arrears or not, they can lower your credit score and stay on your credit report for up to seven years. Unfortunately, paying the collection could even lower your credit scoreBut you can have a collection account removed from your credit history before seven years.

Why is ARstrat calling me?

Debt collector ARStrat will report a collection account on your credit report.This occasionally indicates that they acquired the debt from the original creditor (ie a credit card or loan company)This typically means that they paid pennies on the dollar, or occasionally just a tenth of the original price, to purchase this debt.

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