Aspen Dental Bill Pay

aspen dental bill pay

One of the biggest dental clinics in America is Aspen Dental. In addition to having over 200 offices spread across 18 states and offering some of the most comprehensive national support available in America, they are renowned for their incredibly warm and supportive customer service. When you enter, you will be welcomed with a friendly smile and frequently receive a consultation the same day.

The first clue that you have found the right dentist when looking around is typically the level of customer service you experience on your first visit. There are so many reports of unhappy patients having a bad experience at the dentist office because of a grumpy receptionist. The staff at Aspen Dental wants to look after their clients and lessen the anxiety of that dreaded appointment.

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Sign-up and create your Aspen Dental account to get online access to your account information, view upcoming dental appointments, and make easy online payments .

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Is there a class action lawsuit against Aspen Dental?

Plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Brian Cohen and Jeffrey Norton in the Aspen Dental Class Action Lawsuit.

How do I find my Aspen Dental account number?

Your account number can be found on your billing statements in the upper-right corner. It is the number to the left of the dash. Only the letters A-Z, the numbers 0-9, the hyphens, apostrophes, commas, periods, and spaces may be used in your full name.

Who is the CEO of Aspen Dental?

Ever since he founded Aspen Dental in 1998, Robert Fontana has held the position of Chief Executive Officer. He also serves as TAG’s Chairman and CEO.

How many locations Aspen Dental?

1000+ Offices Across US.

Why Aspen Dental Is a Leader in Dental Care

Aspen Dental has a fantastic website, which is just one of its many wonderful qualities. Their comprehensive website features a wealth of information about the various procedures carried out in their office, frequently asked questions, and their various financing options. They even have a newsroom where they discuss the most recent details on how to maintain a healthy mouth and white teeth.

Dentures are one of the procedures that Aspen excels at in particular. In fact, Aspen Dental has a denture lab where they design and test their own dentures. One of the few labs using the new heat-injection technology for dentures is one they have. Of course, basic dentures can also be made using the conventional cold-pour technique and traditional fiber-acrylic. Additionally, they have some beneficial advice and suggestions about adjusting to wearing dentures on their website.

The SecureDentTM Implant System, also referred to as mini implants, is one of Aspen Dental’s most recent additions to its services. Only a tiny titanium implant is placed in the jawbone, not the entire tooth, as it would otherwise be. As an added bonus, Aspen Dental will give all seniors (65 and over) interested in dentures a 10% senior discount. This procedure can be finished in an hour, and you could be back to eating even the most difficult foods right after.

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To ease the financial strain of the dental procedure, Aspen also offers a payment plan option. Aspen is so well-established that they are able to offer payment plans for many of their patients, whereas many dental offices are unable to even carry payment plans. They typically come with a 24-month, interest-free loan term. Even the procedures that cost more than $1,000 can be covered by an extended plan.

You can choose where you’ll go for your next dental appointment in light of what you now know about Aspen Dental, their patient care, their procedural choices and services, and their range of payment options.

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