Athena Health Bill Pay

athena health bill pay

All About Women introduces the Athena Health patient portal in an effort to deliver the highest caliber and most effective healthcare experience. A direct line of communication with the medical professionals at All About Women is made available by Athena Health.

You can conveniently manage your health care through the Athena Health patient portal using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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Practices make online payments easy – Athenahealth

Sep 16, 2019 — 29% of patient payments are submitted online at Therapeutic Associates … “We try to make it just like you’re paying your cable bill , …

Self Pay Patients | athenahealth

Access to real-time adjudication for accurate patient payments ; Payment processing via credit card, HSA/FSA cards and checks; Secure storage of credit card …


What is Quickpayportal?

Use the QuickPay Portal, which is now accessible on desktop and mobile devices, to make a quick and simple payment online. You can make a payment whenever you want, wherever you are, using the mobile QuickPay Portal. Making a payment. 1. Look at your statement and find the QuickPay Code.

How do I get to Athena’s health Patient Portal?

To access the patient portal welcome page, simply look for the patient portal link and click on it. Upon arrival, click the sign-up link to the right of the Log in with athenahealth button.

Is there an app for Athena Patient Portal?

The mobile app is a continuation of athenaClinicals, an EHR solution, and offers more than just information access. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can send most prescriptions, respond to patient cases, and more with athenaOne’s seamless integration with clinical workflows.

Where do I find my quick pay code?

Your Quick Pay Code is found on your statement. It can also be referred to as an Access Code or a Statement ID.

What does the portal allow you to do?

You can benefit from the Athena Health portal as an All About Women patient by:

  • Easily communicate with your doctor through secure messaging
  • Access your health profile to view your visit summary
  • Request medication refills
  • Have your test results emailed
  • Review your record
  • Update your contact information
  • Other patient portals Some Northwell Health practices are associated with other patient portals. All About Women 877 Stewart Avenue, Suite 7 Garden City, NY Click below for access.

    To create an account, click the link in the above login button. Please be aware that in order to complete the registration process, you must be present at your home or at the primary phone number listed on your account with All About Women.

    You are now entering the Athena Health patient portal. Northwell Health and All About Women do not own, operate, or manage the information portal Athena Health. The Athena Health Terms of Use and your sole discretion govern how you use the service. Regarding the contents or operation of this website, neither Northwell Health nor All About Women make any express or implied representations or warranties of any kind.

    The Athena Health portal aims to offer users resources for communication, education, and health information. It is not intended to provide medical advice. Consult your doctor if you require any medical advice, personal guidance, or have any concerns about your health. DO NOT use Athena Health portal for urgent medical matters. Call 911 or your doctor’s office right away if you have an emergency medical issue.

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