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To link your payment, FasTrak locates your vehicle by its license plate number.You still have the option to make a one-time toll payment even without a license plate.

You have 48 hours following your toll crossing to pay, failing which we will send the registered owner of the vehicle an invoice for the toll amount.Additionally, you can arrange payments for toll crossings you intend to make within the next 30 days.

Be prepared with your vehicle’s license plate number, registration state, and credit card details. bill pay in 3 quick steps including payment, pay bay bridge toll online, fastrak pay online, fastrak payment, pay toll ticket online, fastrak pay by plate, bayareafastrak dispute, look up fastrak violation by license plate

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Pay Tolls & Violations – FasTrak

You must pay this invoice within 21 days online , over the phone, by mail, or by using a Cash Payment Location(opens in a new window). State bridges and Golden …


If you need to pay a toll invoice or violation notice, click here. Got a toll tag already? Manage your account online ! Register & create a web account.


How do I pay FasTrak without an account?

Visit one of our cash payment locations or the in-person counter at the FasTrak Customer Service Center during business hours to pay your violation in cash.

Can I pay for FasTrak once?

A one-time payment account is used to cover bridge tolls for a limited time.Only those who have recently crossed a bridge may use it to pay tolls, and they may also use it to pay tolls up to 30 days in advance.

How do I check my FasTrak balance?

By logging into your FasTrak account online or by calling the FasTrak Customer Service Center, you can check your account balance at any time.Additionally, you have the choice of receiving monthly or quarterly FasTrak statements by mail or email.

Does FasTrak send you a bill?

After the initial toll bridge, FasTrak will send an invoice to the vehicle’s registered owner.Any additional toll crossings will be added to a monthly invoice, which will begin on the day of the initial crossing.

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