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bha bill pay

Action 9 confronts the neighborhood leader responsible for the debt collection scheme

CHARLOTTE, N. C. — According to federal prosecutors, a local man defrauded thousands of Americans out of about $6 million in total.

Action 9 has followed the case for nearly two years. For the first time, Action 9 spoke to an alleged victim on camera and personally caught up with the defendant Cedric Clark.

According to the prosecution, BHA threatened to arrest people, harassed family members, forced people to pay money when they had no debt to do so, and even pretended to be law enforcement or a law firm. In some calls, according to the prosecution, BHA even played a police scanner in the background.

Prosecutors claim that BHA adhered to a pre-written script, including a deliberate pause and words like “charges against you” and “right to pursue you.” They claimed that the script was written to frighten people, and that the callers would even put them on hold while acting as though they were consulting a lawyer.

According to Cynthia Martin, BHA called to demand payment after claiming she owed $300.

“[They were] real hateful. If I didn’t pay, they threatened to take me to court. That if I didn’t pay, I might go to jail,” Martin said.

She claimed that after falling for it, she was unaware that BHA was pulling a scam until a real debt collection agency called her.

She complained to the Better Business Bureau, claiming that the FBI had contacted her to conduct an interview as part of the inquiry.

Authorities suspect that Clark purchased a condo in Charlotte and a 2006 Sea Ray 320 Sundancer boat with the money that BHA received. He has a picture of one on his Facebook page.

In December, Clark admitted to participating in a scheme to commit mail and wire fraud as well as money laundering.

“I mean, it’s a lot of money, multi-million dollar case. Any thoughts before sentencing?” Jason asked.

For the first charge, he may spend up to 10 years behind bars, and for the second, he may spend up to 5 years. The court can set a sentencing date any day now.

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What is BHA debt collection?

A debt collection company called Bryant, Hodge & Associates, LLC, also known as BHA Services, is situated in Rochester, New Hampshire. They might be listed as a collections account on your credit report. This can happen if you didn’t pay a bill.

Can debt collectors text you?

As of Nov. By December 30, 2021, debt collectors will have new channels for communicating with you about the debts they are attempting to collect. Now they can text you. In accordance with an amendment to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), text messages are now permitted in addition to emails and direct messages on social media.

Who does CBE Group collect for?

CBE Group collects on behalf of federal student loans. There are regulations governing when student loan debt must be repaid and when a borrower’s wages may be garnished. One of those requirements is that a borrower must have a job for a full year in order for their wages to be garnished.

Why is Portfolio Recovery calling me when I have no debt?

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC is transforming the process of collecting debt. If we have contacted you, it is because your initial creditor sold your account to us, and we are now the owners of your debt.

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