Bright Health Plan Bill Pay

bright health plan bill pay

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The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual health insurance marketplaces are open for business in every state, and millions of Americans are now enrolled in ACA-compliant plans. But the ACA is not the only game in town when it comes to buying individual health insurance. Some states have their own “mini-med” health plans, and other states have started to allow the sale of “short-term” health plans that are not ACA-compliant. These non-ACA plans can be cheaper than ACA-compliant plans, but they typically have much skimpier coverage.

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Making an online payment – Bright HealthCare

You can make online monthly payment using your Member Hub account . … You can set-up a one-time payment or schedule recurring payments using your bank account or …

Member Hub Portal – Bright HealthCare

Login to view claims and payment data, access health plan benefits and summaries, check out member rewards, and track your costs from top to bottom.


How do I pay my Bright Health bill?

Payment option detailsOnline. First Payment. You can use our payment portal to make your first premium payment after enrolling. Phone. You can pay with a credit card or an automated bank transfer by calling 855-827-4448 (TTY: 711). Mail. Make checks payable to: Bright Health Company of Arizona.

What is the payer ID for Bright Health plan?

The new Payer ID for all Bright HealthCare plans (aside from California Medicare Advantage) as of January 1, 2022 is BRGHT.

Is there a Bright HealthCare app?

You have access to all the fantastic tools and resources of the Member Hub thanks to the Bright Health app. View crucial benefit details and claims, look up a doctor or track your healthcare spending wherever you are.

How do I check my Bright Health rewards balance?

Visit wellnessincentives. To activate your card and check your balance at any time, visit or dial 1-833-614-3258, TTY 711.

Pay by phone: 1-877-687-1196

bright health plan bill pay

Pay by phone: 1-855-672-2755

bright health plan bill pay

Pay by phone: 1-855-521-9353

bright health plan bill pay

Pay by phone: 1-877-484-5967

bright health plan bill pay

Pay by phone: 1-877-806-9284

bright health plan bill pay

Pay by phone: 1-800-813-2000 (Washington)

bright health plan bill pay

Pago por teléfono: 1-213-374-0892 Enlace para pagos en linea

bright health plan bill pay

Pago por teléfono: 1-855-944-0107 Enlace para pagos en línea

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