Can I Pay My Jcpenney Bill In Store

can i pay my jcpenney bill in store

JCPenney, which was established in 1902 and is now among the biggest retailers in the country, offers everyday value on items like clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, furniture, housewares, and mattresses. The merchant provides the JCPenney credit card or JCPenney Mastercard issued by Synchrony Bank to make paying for purchases easier.

You can benefit from a number of benefits when you apply for a JCPenney credit card, including 5% to 15% off of specific items, special financing days, and reward points. To keep your account in good standing after using your card, you must make your payments on time. Here are your options.

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FAQs – JCPenney Online Credit Center

You may pay your bill by mail, at any JCPenney department store or online through the JCPenney Online Credit Center. Click here to find out more about online payment service. To pay in store: Present a check, money order or cash at any JCPenney department store.

Can I pay my JCPenney Credit Card in store? – WalletHub

May 5, 2022 · 1 answer Yes , you can pay your JCPenney Credit Card in store by presenting a check, money order or cash at your nearest JCPenney department store.

About Payment Options | JCPenney

Enjoy shopping convenience, pay your bill online, and more! • Shop online 24 hours a day at or by phone to 1.800.322.1189 .


Can I pay my credit card in store?

You can use cash to pay for your credit card by going to the branch office or ATM of the company that issued your card. Currently, the majority of major credit card companies, including Chase, Capital One, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and U S. Bank.

How do you pay at JCPenney?

What methods of payment are available for the JCPenney Card? Make your payment on Doxo with a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or bank account.

Can I pay my JCPenney credit card with a debit card?

With the 23-day grace period provided by the JCPenney Credit Card, you have up to 23 days after the end of your billing period to make your payment before incurring late fees and interest.

How To Make a JCPenney Credit Card Payment by Mail

Unless you choose electronic billing, you will receive a credit card statement in the mail each month. You can mail your credit card statement at the address on the bill when it comes in. However, you can check your account information as follows if you’ve lost your statement or you’d like to make an additional payment:

  • Go to the JCPenney credit card account login page and click “Account Summary.” This will give you an overview of your account, including your balance, due date and other account information.
  • Once you find out what your balance is, you can write a check or purchase a money order for the amount of the payment.
  • Add your JCPenney credit card account number on the memo line to ensure the payment will be credited correctly.
  • Mail your payment to:
  • Get Credit Card Perks

    SYNCB P.O. Box 960090 Orlando, FL 32896-0090

    How To Make a JCPenney Credit Card Payment in the Store

    Making an in-store payment at JCPenney is easy. Here’s how:

  • Find your nearest JCPenney store with the online store locator.
  • Visit the store and make your credit card payment with cash, check or money order.
  • Save your payment receipt for your records.
  • How To Make a JCPenney Credit Card Payment Online

    If you have already signed up for an online account, the JCPenney Online Credit Center allows you to make a payment online in three simple steps. Create an account first if you don’t already have one by doing the following:

  • Navigate to the JCPenney credit card login page and select “Register,” located at the bottom of the “Access Your Account” section.
  • Next, enter your account number and ZIP code, and select continue to set up your account with a user ID and password.
  • Following your online account registration, follow these steps to make a payment:

  • Go to the JCPenney online payment center and log in using the user ID and password you selected.
  • Select the “Pay my Bill” link.
  • Enter your checking account information, payment amount and payment date. You’ll also need your bank’s routing number to complete the payment.
  • Although the payment will be applied as scheduled, keep in mind that payments may take up to three days to post to your account. Get Credit Card Perks.

    can i pay my jcpenney bill in store

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    What To Do If Your JCPenney Credit Card Payment Is Late

    You should use one of the available payment options as soon as you can if your JCPenney credit card payment is past due.

    After the end of your JCPenney billing cycle, you have 23 days to make a payment without incurring interest or late fees. If you miss the deadline for your payment, you’ll be charged a late fee of either $27 or $38 depending on whether you’ve been late at least once in the previous six billing cycles. The fee won’t exceed your minimum payment in either scenario.

    Since it was first published, this article has been updated with new information. Get Credit Card Perks.

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    can i pay my jcpenney bill in store

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    can i pay my jcpenney bill in store

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