Cchc Bill Pay Ixt

cchc bill pay ixt

Ho (elaatone Uam cks5 03 3 bsfifuttcn haloen Nola Io game26Compound A produced two moles of and a mole of the following molecule upon ozonolysis and formaldehyde, HCHO reademolcth Zn in water. What is the structure of compound A? CH; C=C_ CHz C=C H;C CH=CHz CH;CCHC FCHz CH; CHz CH;CCCHO CHz I HzC CHz III IV #b CHz

The compound yielded 2 moles and is designated as ch 3 c double 1, o c h, 2 c. The compound has h, c h, o and 1 mole This compound is 1 moleWe must disclose the composition of the so that the compound a writ, if it is option b, is derived from that compound. You can see that double bondOn this carbon, there is a c h, three rools, and two hydrogen atoms.When we add otomacs, all three are present when zinc is present.This structure will result in the formation of two moles of that comonforaldehyde. Thats h, c h, o plusThe compound ch, 3 c, o c h, 2 c, o c h, 3 o will be obtained.The horozon lasses will break the double bond over here, and in its place, oxygen will be added to the compound.I hope you understood the question because the right response is option number two. Thank you very muchDid you know that Numerade has direct matches to more than 2,000 textbooks for its step-by-step video solutions?

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