Connexus Credit Union Bill Pay

connexus credit union bill pay

If you bank with Connexus Credit Union, you might be wondering how to go about paying your bills. Thankfully, the credit union offers a few different options for bill pay. In this blog post, we’ll go over the different ways you can pay your bills through Connexus Credit Union. We’ll also touch on some of the benefits of using the credit union’s bill pay service.

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Bill Pay – Digital Banking – Connexus Credit Union

Log in to Digital Banking on a computer. Under the Manage Money menu, click “ Pay Vendor ( Bill Pay ).” If it’s your first time using Bill Pay , you may be asked to …

Connexus Credit Union Bill Payment Agreement and Disclosure

You may pay bills via the Bill Payment Service by electronic means or paper check based on availability to eligible payees located in the United States within …


How do I make a payment on Connexus?

Online or by phone, you can use your credit or debit card to make a $1,000 payment. 240. 4199.

How do I contact Connexus Credit Union?

You can reach us by calling 800. 845. 5025, emailing info@connexuscu. org, or chatting with us at ConnexusCU. org.

Does Connexus have an app?

Utilize the Connexus Credit Union app to manage your finances wherever you are, at any time. This mobile app is safe and secure and lets you view your transaction history, transfer money between accounts, and make payments and deposits while you’re on the go.

How do I find my Connexus account number?

Your member number is printed on the welcome letter you received in the mail when you opened your Connexus account. Where can I find my member number? You can also get your member number by calling 800. 845. 5025.

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