Curacao Bill Pay Phone Number

curacao bill pay phone number

Your credit is the key to success. Protect it. Your credit history is the most crucial resource when you’re ready to buy a house, car, or even pay for your kids’ college.

With our Interest Beat Guarantee, we not only match but also outperform the store credit card interest rates of our rivals by a further 0. 25%, so you always get the lowest interest rate.

Unexpected things happen in life all the time, and they can put a significant financial strain on you and your family. In the event of an emergency, Curacao Credit Shield will either suspend your payments or completely cancel your debt.

Fly with the most prestigious airlines: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Avianca, Aeromexico, Delta, Interjet, Volaris, and United. Travel today and pay later with low monthly payments.

With the help of our Export service, you can purchase goods for your family overseas and have them shipped to any address in Mexico or Central America by way of one of our 250 distribution centers.

Send money to your relatives abroad by using your Curacao Credit. With our money transfer service, you can send money quickly, easily, and at a competitive rate.

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FAQ – Curacao

You can make a payment by phone at 1-877-287-2226. (A convenience fee may apply.) You are able to make a payment at any Curacao store location during store hours.

Contact Us – Curacao

Store customer care 1-877-287-2226 · Make a Payment 1 (877) 495 6774 · Repair & installations 1 (800) 737 8424.

Contact Us – Curacao | My Account

Store customer care. 1-877-287-2226 · Curacao Credit ; Repair & installations. 1-800-737-8424 · Request Service for an In Home Item ; Entri Loans. 1-833-923-6874.


Can I make a late payment with Curacao?

We will assess a $25. 00 fee for each billing period in which you fail to make your minimum payment within 5 days of the due date, with the proviso that the late payment fee will never be greater than the sum of the required minimum periodic payment due just before the late payment fee is assessed.

How do you pay in Curacao?

The majority of businesses, eateries, and hotels accept credit and debit cards. Keep a small amount of cash on hand in US Dollars or Antillean Guilders because most gas stations and some attractions require cash, especially those farther from Willemstad.

How do I check my Curacao credit?

To view your credit balance, you can also just dial *120#: Step 1 Dial *120#.

How much is Curacao late fee?

Residential accounts will be charged a late fee of 5 per day. A 10 late fee will be applied to 30 NAF (including OB) and Business Cable modem accounts. If the invoice is not paid on time, 60 NAF (including OB) will be assessed.

Terms and ConditionsCredit Application Disclosure: Checking the checkbox, I certify that I am 18 years or older and my application is true and complete. I agree that Adir International, LLC dba Curacao (Curacao) may verify my information (including my spouse’s if I live in a community property state). I agree that Curacao may furnish information about me as permitted by law, including this application, verification interrogatory data and my credit performance with Curacao, to financial institutions or third parties with whom it has a cross or joint marketing agreement so they may consider offering me other products and services. I authorize Curacao to share information about me with any or its affiliates, associates, or subsidiaries. I expressly consent to be contacted concerning my credit relationship with Curacao by Curacao itself, anyone acting on behalf of Curacao (whether a Curacao affiliate or a third party, such as a collection agency), or anyone who has acquired my loan or account from Curacao. This consent is irrevocable and extends to contact by autodialed or prerecorded voice calls or text messages to my residential telephone and/or cell phone, whether or not I am charged for the call or message under my telephone calling plan. I give my consent to receive legal disclosures and any other information related to my account electronically. I understand that I may request a paper copy of the disclosures. I have read and agree to the credit terms and other disclosures relating to the loan or account for which I am applying, and I understand if Curacao extend credit to me, a copy will be provided to me and will govern my loan or account. If more than one person signs below, each agrees that he or she will have full and equal access to any credit lines and will be individually and jointly liable for repayment of all indebtedness incurred.

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