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dominion dental bill pay

We hope you like the new design, which was created to make it simple for you to securely access the tools to help you administer benefits. To reactivate and access your account on the new portal, please enter your username here. Please disregard this message if you have already activated your account on the new portal. Thank you for choosing Dominion National.

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Subject: COVID-19 UPDATE

With regard to the actions we are taking to get ready for and respond to COVID-19 (the coronavirus), we want to be clear with you. Dominion National is acting proactively to stop the spread of the coronavirus, in accordance with CDC recommendations, and to maintain the viability of our business operations.

Dominion has a thorough Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan in place to help ensure continuity of operations and services in the event of a major disruption, including COVID-19. Comprehensive Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) As a result, if Dominion needs to close an office to reduce the risk of exposure and infection, it will implement these plans to help maintain critical services, like processing claims and responding to customer and provider service calls, without interruption. Currently, about a third of Dominion’s employees work remotely, and we have the capacity to make all of our employees remotely accessible.

Continuous Monitoring Dominion has put safety measures in place at our facilities and keeps teaching our staff about prevention techniques. CDC reports and the threat of disease are being continuously monitored by Dominion, and it will take additional action as needed. To ensure that our responses are prompt and efficient and that business operations go on without interruption, Dominion will maintain close contact with governmental organizations and the medical community.

Continuity and Perseverance Dominion takes great pride in its dedication to offering top-notch dental solutions and service. With all of our partners and clients, we are working hard to ensure effective communication and prompt response as this situation changes.

We send our best wishes for health and safety to each individual and their family as we work together to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

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