El Paso Water Bill Pay Matrix

el paso water bill pay matrix

Leading water provider in the Texas city of El Paso is El Paso Water Utilities.The utility also provides its customers with other services, such as wastewater management and stormwater management.Customers of the business have a number of options for paying their El Paso Water Utilities bills, including

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Pay by Phone – El Paso Water


To make a phone payment, please call (915) 594-5500. Accepted forms of payment:.

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How can I pay my El Paso Water bill?

To make a phone payment, please call (915) 594-5500Accepted forms of payment:VisaMasterCardDiscoverATM/debit cards with a Pulse, Star, NYCE or ACCEL logoACH/Electronic Check

How can I check my water bill online?

Visit the official website of your water supply board for another way to check your water bill online.Go to ‘Our Services’ sectionNavigate to ‘View/Print Bill’ and click on itEnter your ‘Customer Identification Number’Enter the captcha, if anyClick on ‘View bill’

How do I pay my water bill over the phone?

Use your mobile phone to access our water services from anywhere by dialing *888#.EQUITELSelect My MoneySelect send/paySelect account numberSelect paybillSelect businessSelect bill to pay: Nairobi Water – 6800002Enter bill account numberEnter amount, then confirm all details

What is the average water bill in El Paso TX?

The average monthly commercial bill will be $10046It has been seven years since water and sewer rates last increased, and it has been two years since stormwater rates increased. The rate increases are part of El Paso Water’s $8767 million total budget for fiscal year 2022, also approved by the PSB on Wednesday

El Paso Water Utilities bill pay online

Clients can pay their bills on the web. For this, you will need to register an online account through this link. For those who want to pay online without registering an account, you can use this link. This one time payment option is offered by BillMatrix and you will be charged a convenience fee of $2.50 for the service. Payments can be made using a credit card, ATM card, debit card or electronic check

Automatic Bank Draft

When you select this payment option, your month to month bill amount will be automatically deducted from your designated bank account on a regular basis. You can sign up for the Automatic Bank Draft through your online account. Alternatively, you can also download the application form from this link, fill in the required details and send the same to the following address – El Paso Water Utilities, Post Office Box No. 511, El Paso, TX 79961-0511.

Pay by phone

You also have the choice to make payments by phone in the unlikely event that you are trying to quickly pay your bills online but are unable to access the internet. Simply dail 1-866-680-5504 and follow the voice instructions This is a third party payment service offered by BillMatrix Therefore, you will be charged a service fee of $250 per transactionE-checks, credit cards, debit cards, and ATM cards can all be used to make payments.

Pay by mail

Customers can send payments to the following address if they want to pay their bills by mail.

P.O. Box 511, El Paso

Using the return envelope that comes with your monthly bill statement, you can mail the payments.Prior to sending the checks, make sure your bank account has enough money.A fee for the returned check may be assessed against you if your check is returned to the business due to insufficient funds.

Pay in person

In case you prefer to pay your bills in person, you can do so by visiting any of the company offices. You can also use any of the company authorized payment agencies to make payments. Customers should remember that these are third party services whish will charge a service fee for the transaction. Plus, payments made through these agencies may take up to 3 days to be posted to your account. To find a company office of authorized payment agency near your home or workplace, visit this link.


Call the customer service number to learn more about the various El Paso Water Utilities bill payment options.

Phone: 915-594-5500.

Website: You can visit the company’s website at www.epwu.org for further information.

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