Gfl Environmental Bill Pay Online

gfl environmental bill pay online

An overview of your Account Details, current Billing Information, and Upcoming Services can be found on the My Account page.

The Customer Information section shows your current Account Details. Make sure your name, phone number, and mailing address are always current and accurate. Contact our Customer Care department if you notice any errors in your Account Details.

Your current Account Receivable status is quickly summarized in the Account Information section. The most recent payment amount and the date it was received by us are displayed. Additionally, you can view the Account’s current balance owing.

You can pay all of your outstanding invoices by clicking the Pay My Current Balance link to go directly to the Payment screen.

The Scheduled Service section displays Activities for your Locations. You can view the Services’ Day of the Week, Frequency, Activity, Size, and Number of Lifts.

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Create Your GFL Account Today!

Enroll in Ebilling and Autopay to manage your GFL service payment options · Consolidate and manage all your accounts in one place with the Enterprise Dashboard …

Welcome to GFL – GFL Environmental Inc.

MyAccount: Easily and efficiently manage all your GFL service accounts and billing options in one place with our upgraded online customer portal.


How do I pay my GFL bill online?

Log into your My Account and pay directly there. You can also participate in the Full Circle Project and set up recurring payments using preauthorized debit or credit cards. Disclaimer: Not all customers currently have access to My Account.

What is my GFL account number?

On both the tear-off portion of your bill and the top right corner of your invoice, make sure you have your customer account number. All of your GFL invoices will also include your account number.

Where can I pay my waste management bill in person?

If you use Waste Management, you can pay your bills whenever it’s convenient for you at Money Services. You can even save time by paying your bill when you pick up your groceries at the Kroger Family of Stores because Money Services is open on the weekends and in the evenings.

Who bought out GFL Environmental?

According to LRS, the resulting ownership structure was created to hasten the company’s growth trajectory and strengthen its position as the largest privately held waste, recycling, and portable services provider in the Midwest and one of the biggest in North America.

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