Global Lending Bill Pay

global lending bill pay

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Global Lending Services

More than 13,000 dealers nationwide trust GLS to help them close vehicle sales with financing solutions that work for both the customer and the dealership. With …

Global Lending Services

Easily manage your auto loan with Global Lending Services. Email Address. Password. Forgot your Password? Login. Enroll Now.


How do I make a payment to global lending services?

Call (866) 464-0269 to make payments using our automated phone system.All you need is the billing zip code linked to the account and the 10-digit GLS account number.

Can you skip a payment with global lending services?

Yes, you can postpone one or more payments on your current auto loan.The deferral must first be discussed with Global Lending Services, though.Simply failing to pay could result in collection calls and, in the end, a repossession.

How do I contact Global lending services?

Please have your Global Lending Services account number availableYou can get help from one of our customer service agents by calling 866-464-0269.

What happens if you stop making car payments?

Default on the loan You will enter default if you stop making payments or pay them in part.Most likely, the lender will seize the vehicle, which could have an effect on your credit report for up to seven years. There may be some additional fees for the related costs

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