Go-Pass Bill Pay

go-pass bill pay

In recent years, many states have enacted what are called “go-pass” laws. These laws allow a person to use their cell phone to pay for parking, public transit, or tolls. The go-pass is linked to the user’s credit or debit card and is automatically charged when the user exits the parking lot, leaves the transit station, or passes through the toll booth.
The go-pass is a convenient way to pay for parking, public transit, or tolls, but it also has some drawbacks. For one, the go-pass can be more expensive than paying with cash. In addition, the go-pass can be abused by people who park in handicapped spots or use public transit without paying.
If you are considering using a go-pass to pay for parking, public transit, or tolls, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, be sure to compare the cost of the go-

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GO-PASS™ | Registration


This way it’s easier to keep track of the payments with the Northwest Parkway (Parkway). Registered GO – PASS TM customers will receive one, easy-to-read bill …

GO-PASS – Northwest Parkway


Pay your GO – PASS bill online with a debit or credit card, at www. go – pass . com . Keep a credit card on file and enroll in Auto- Bill to avoid processing and mailing …


How do you pay tolls in Colorado?

All tolls are collected through electronic toll collection, so how do I pay one?This negates the need for any stops, toll line backups, or changes.If you have an active ExpressToll account, the toll is automatically deducted when you pass under the electronic toll reader.

How much is the go pass Colorado?

Drivers who prepay a $35 toll balance on an ExpressToll Account receive a sticker transponder to put inside their car.The appropriate toll amount is automatically deducted from the vehicle owner’s account each time the vehicle passes through a toll station on one of CDOT’s Express Lanes or another Colorado toll road.

What is a Colorado go pass?

The Northwest Parkway’s GO-PASS billing system is quick and easy to use.Simply pass through the designated GO-PASS Lanes to have your license plate photographed.According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, a GO-PASS account will be automatically created, and a bill will be sent to the vehicle’s registered owner.

How do I pay Washington state tolls?

How to pay a toll bill in WashingtonThe following methods of payment accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and electronic checks: Online at MyGoodToGoBy phone: 1-866-936-8246 (you must have the notice number to pay online).

Did you receive a License Plate Toll statement?

There are several ways for you to pay your tolls if you have received a License Plate Toll Statement, Notice of Violation, and/or Hearing Of Ficer’s Final Order. ExpressToll® is not affiliated with any third-party payment processorsIn the event that the processor sends a delayed payment on your behalf, you might be charged fees or face penalties.Using an ExpressToll® account or online at expresstoll is the most trustworthy way to pay for tolls.com

You can make a payment using our online payment system.

Speak to a customer service agent or use our automated payment system to make a payment over the phone. Call (303) 537-3470 or (888) 946-3470

You can mail your payment to us at PO Box 5470 Denver, CO 80217-5470

go-pass bill pay

If you are not an ExpressToll customer, you are always a License Plate Toll customer on E-470.When you pass through a tolling point, cameras will take a picture of your license plate, and a statement will be mailed to the vehicle’s DMV-registered owner.

go-pass bill pay

Customers of ExpressToll benefit from over 35% savings on all Colorado toll roads and convenient online account management.Tolls are automatically deducted from a pre-paid account balance for ExpressToll customers.

Toll Violations and Adjudication Information

Find out more about the billing procedure for the License Plate Toll and the administrative procedure for deciding tolls after a civil penalty has been issued.

Learn more about how rental cars operate on our roads if you’re renting one.

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