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gru online bill pay

Gru Online Bill Pay is the quickest and easiest way to pay your Gru bill. You can use your debit or credit card, or your checking or savings account, to make a payment. Plus, there are no fees to pay your Gru bill online.

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Payment Options – GRU

Online through GRU (Credit Card or Bank Account) · Residential customers pay $2.75 per $500 transaction. Non-residential customers pay $9.95 per $1,000 …


Does GRU have an app?

GRU doxo is a secure all-in-one service that allows you to manage all of your provider accounts in a single app, enabling dependable payment delivery to thousands of billers.

Who owns GRU?

The City of Gainesville owns the multi-service utility Gainesville Regional Utilities, or GRU. We are the 5th largest municipal electric utility in Florida.

Please Agree to these Terms and Conditions Before Enrolling in Budget Pay

All GRU residential customers are eligible for this program. Customers can pay their bills using any of GRU’s accepted methods.

Your GRU utility bill will continue to be mailed to the registered mailing address. The utility bill will list any past due amounts, payments and adjustments, as well as the current month’s charges. Budget Pay payments made through Auto-Pay by Bank Draft will be taken out of your account no earlier than the due date. The GRU bill stub will have the Budget Pay payment amount and scheduled payment date printed on it. Please make the agreed-upon payment by the due date indicated on your bill if you use another authorized method of payment. The amount of the payment necessary by the due date will be indicated in the Total Amount Due Box on the stub.

You will still be able to dispute your bill. Call Customer Service at 352-334-3434 or 1-800-818-3436 to make this request, or visit www. gru. com/contactus. Your Budget Pay payment, if made using Auto-Pay by Bank Draft, will not be processed following notification of a billing dispute until the issue has been resolved. If notice is received more than 14 days after the bill’s due date, the Budget Pay payment may be taken out of your bank account, and any necessary adjustments will be made to the utility bill for the following month.

GRU will give you written notice if your payment is rejected by your bank for any reason, and you must make your payment by the deadline stated in the letter. Each instance of a non-paid transaction will result in the addition of an NSF fee to your account. Loss of the ability to pay by check or online may occur after several NSF incidents.

By contacting GRU, you can stop using the Budget Pay payment program whenever you want. In person requests can be made at the GRU Administration Building, 301 S E. 4th Avenue, Gainesville; online at www. gru. Contact us at, 352-334-3434, 1-800-818-3436 (toll-free), or by mail at P O. Box 147051, Gainesville, FL 32614-7051. In addition to the ones listed in the Contract for Utility Services, these terms and conditions are included.

Payments Made Via Auto-Pay by Bank Draft

Budget Pay withdrawals will be made from the bank account that was authorized at the time of billing. You’re accountable for providing written notice to GRU whenever you modify or close the authorized bank account.

Customers who do not maintain a good payment history (i. e. , fail to make payments on time, experience disconnections, or send money back) may be removed from Budget Pay. If this happens, any unpaid balance that has been deferred will be due right away. Contacting GRU’s Customer Service Department will allow you to request a payment plan for the outstanding balance.

301 SE 4th Avenue Gainesville, FL 32601 352-334-3434

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