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Gloucester Township MUA is quick to strong-arm residents, wielding the threat of tax sale like the Sword of Damocles.

gtmua bill pay

I wrote in my blog two years ago that I had been placed on tax sale due to a few missed sewer payments. The GTMUA insists on sending a sheet of perforated payment stubs that must be tracked throughout the year, which turned out to be the cause of the issue. Like I do with every other utility bill after the first quarter payment, I unintentionally filed that piece of paper in my Paid Bills file. Out of sight, out of mind, and all that.

I vowed to do better. This year, I tore the payment stub off each quarter, put it in my Paid file, and then inserted the remaining portion of the bill into my bill holder in Due Date chronological order so it would be paid the following quarter. Three times I did this, to stay on the straight-and-narrow.

So, when I received the Red Letter of Doom in the mail this week, I was surprised. You know the one. It’s not tactful and it’s not a courteous notification that I might have forgotten to make a payment. There is no room for misunderstanding thanks to the red sticking out of the mailer’s window and the large words “SEWER DELINQUENT NOTICE.”

The message reads, “Gloucester Township’s tax sale is scheduled for 12/30/14.” “Please make sure all quarters, up to and including the July quarter, are paid to avoid the tax sale.” ”.

I’m now faced with a bill for $46 plus interest and the threat of a tax sale. I questioned what went wrong and why I was being coerced into paying $47.

Somehow, the perforated bill with the stubs I mentioned squished itself behind my bill holder and remained there unnoticed. It hadn’t been there long. The due date was Oct. 15.

The notice was generated Oct. 23, eight days after the due date. This indicates that, just over a week after the payment due date, I am receiving a stern warning that I will be put on the tax sale list. My bank requires five business days to process an online payment.

There’s something wrong with the GTMUA that reeks. PSE&G does not send me a formal notice eight days after the payment due date threatening to shut off my power, unlike every other utility that sends me a new statement with a past due balance and perhaps a note asking, “Did you forget to send payment?” Nor are they charging me interest by the day. Even the Camden County MUA, the sister organization of the GTMUA, sends a new bill that only displays the amount that is past due. All very matter-of-fact.

Occasionally, people become preoccupied, or thin pieces of paper are momentarily misfiled or smushed. I hope this doesn’t happen to you because if it does, the GTMUA will be furious with you.

Perhaps the authority wouldn’t need to send out as many red letters if it sent quarterly bills in envelopes (remember those? ), which did not require residents to keep a piece of paper nearby and visible for 10 months.

I’ll be watching and once again documenting this public horse trading of people’s misfortune at that tax sale, which is once again conveniently scheduled between Christmas and New Year’s Eve when few people are paying attention.

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