Irhythmtech/Bill Pay

irhythmtech/bill pay

In addition, our Patient Financial Navigators are available to assist your patients by explaining their benefits and offering support at every stage of the procedure.

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These options include a discounted self- pay price, financial assistance to patients for whom a balance would be a hardship, and monthly payment plans. iRhythm …

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Pay A Bill . For Providers. The Zio Service · Zio Monitors · Reporting · Patient Management · Artificial Intelligence · Zio’s Covid-19 Solution.


How do I bill my Zio Patch?

The Zio XT system is an extended continuous ambulatory cardiac monitor that is billed under procedure billing code CPT 93243 for greater than 48 hours and up to 7 days, or 93247 for greater than 7 days up to 15 days, which patients should be prepared to share with their insurer.

How much does a Zio Patch cost without insurance?

Your Price: $497. 00 can identify atrial fibrillation, heart blocks, irregular heartbeats like PACs and PVCs, and fast/slow heart rates. 2 weeks of monitoring.

How do I contact Zio Patch?

Contact us by phone at 888-693-2401 or online using the simple form.

How much does Zio iRhythm cost?

According to King, the Zio patch costs more than older monitors: about $360 for Medicare as opposed to $100 to $150 for Holter monitors. Though Gerstenfeld estimated that about 80% of insurance companies cover the patch, the higher price can occasionally cause issues with insurance reimbursement.

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