Lowes Bill Pay Credit Card

lowes bill pay credit card

The Synchrony Bank Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card can be a pretty crucial tool if you enjoy shopping at Lowe’s. Your Lowe’s credit card account can help you save a lot of money on your home improvement projects or increase margins for your contracting business thanks to daily savings of 5% on purchases and options for financing large projects.

However, in order to receive any benefits, you must pay your bill on time in order to avoid incurring finance charges.

Knowing the various ways you can use to pay the bill on your Lowe’s card is crucial because of this.

In addition to the Lowe’s Advantage card, Lowe’s offers a number of additional credit cards that are tailored to different types of customers. It’s critical to identify your Lowe’s credit card when making a payment so that it can be applied to the appropriate account. Get Credit Card Perks.

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Lowes Credit Card – Password Reset


Log into your Lowes credit card account online to pay your bills , check your FICO score, sign up for paperless billing , and manage your account preferences.

Lowe’s Advantage Card


Simply use your Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card login portal, which can be accessed from Lowes .com, to view and pay your bill securely.


How do I pay my Lowes credit card bill?

Your Lowe’s Store Card can be paid for most easily online or by phone at (800) 444-1408. You can also pay your credit card bill by mail or in person at a store.

Can I pay Lowes bill online?

Managing Your Lowe’s Credit Card Simply log in to your Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card account through Lowe’s. com, to view and pay your bill securely. You won’t ever have to forget to make a Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card payment thanks to online account management.

How do I view my Lowe’s statement online?

Visit the Lowe’s Credit Center to conveniently manage your account and make online payments for your bills. Call the Lowe’s Credit Center at 1-800-444-1408 if you have any inquiries regarding your account.

Ways To Pay Your Lowe’s Credit Card

There are several options available for you to select from when making a payment using your Lowe’s credit card. Here are the steps to complete payments with each method:.

Making a Lowe’s Online Payment

To make a payment online, you need to register for an online account with the bank that issues your Lowe’s credit card. To make a payment on your American Express Lowe’s Business Rewards credit card, visit the American Express login page.

For Synchrony-issued cards:

  • Go to the Lowe’s online payment webpage.
  • Provide your account number and ZIP code for Synchrony-issued cards and the card number and card ID number to start the registration process.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the registration and log in to your online account.
  • Set up and schedule payments. You’ll need your bank account and bank routing numbers to complete the payment.
  • How To Use Lowe’s QuickPay to Make an Online Payment

    Synchrony Bank’s QuickPay feature lets you pay your bill online without logging in. To use this option for the first time you will have to register your account by entering your account number, the last four digits of your Social Security number and your date of birth, and follow the prompts to complete your payment. Get Credit Card Perks

    Making a Lowe’s Card Payment by Mail

    Lowe’s payments by mail are also accepted. You can either use the addresses listed below or send a check or money order to the address shown on your billing statement:

    Card Type Address for Remitting Payment
    Lowe’s Advantage Card or Lowe’s Project Card Lowe’s, P.O. Box 530914, Atlanta, GA 30353-0914
    Lowe’s Visa Rewards Lowe’s, P.O. Box 960010, Orlando, FL 32896-0010
    Lowe’s Business Advantage Lowe’s, P.O. Box 530970, Atlanta, GA 30353-0970
    Lowe’s Commercial Account Lowe’s, P.O. Box 530954, Atlanta, GA 30353-0954
    Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards Call American Express at 866-537-1397 to get the payment address for your state

    Making a Lowe’s Credit Card Payment in Store

    Any Lowe’s location accepts payments made with a Lowe’s credit card. If this is your first time paying in-store, stop by the customer service counter. A representative can explain the process for completing the payment.

    Making a Lowe’s Credit Card Payment by Phone

    You can use your Lowe’s credit card to make a phone payment, but you might be charged a fee for doing so. Get Credit Card Perks by dialing the number that corresponds to your account type.

    Account Type Phone Number
    Lowe’s Consumer Credit Cards 888-840-7651
    Lowe’s Business Account 888-840-7651
    Lowe’s American Express Business Rewards 866-537-1397

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    lowes bill pay credit card

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