Medicredit Corp Bill Pay

medicredit corp bill pay

About MediCredit

Medicredit Corp is a debt collection company that provides services to the medical industry. Owned by Parallon, Medicredit Corp offers early-out self-pay, insurance, and advocacy services to help hospitals improve their revenue cycles. If you have received a bill from Medicredit Corp, you can pay it online through their website.

To pay your Medicredit Corp bill, you can either log in to your account or pay as a guest.

Log in to your Medicredit Corp account

If you have forgotten your login information, you can reset your password or retrieve your user ID by following the instructions on the login page.

Pay as a Guest

Medicredit Corp offers a variety of payment options, including single or recurring payments and payment plans. You can make a payment using a credit or debit card, or by electronic check. If you need to cancel a transaction, you will need to do so at least one business day before the payment is scheduled to process.

How can I create a Mediccredit, Inc. account?

  • Go to the URL address listed on your account statement
  • Click on “Create Account”
  • Enter your name and email address
  • Choose a username and password
  • Confirm the password
  • Click on the Continue button
  • Enter the requested information to find your account
  • Select “responsible party” and enter your date of birth and account number
  • Confirm that the displayed state is your state of residence
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Verify your email


  • Why would all of my accounts not appear in the system?
    • Please call the Medicredit, Inc. Support Unit for assistance
  • Why is my statement not available to view?
    • In some cases, statement data may not be available electronically. Contact the Medicredit, Inc. Support Unit to request a copy of your statement.

Single or Recurring Payments

  • Do I need to register to make a one-time payment?
    • No, anyone can log in as a guest to make a single payment.
  • How do I cancel a transaction?
    • Scheduled payments must be cancelled 1 business day in advance. Same day transactions must be cancelled by 5pm CST. Call the Medicredit, Inc. Support Unit to cancel same day transactions.
  • Will I receive notifications before a payment is scheduled to process?
    • Yes, notifications will be sent to the email used to create the account 4 days before the scheduled payment.
  • Do I need to create an account to set up recurring payments?
    • Yes, an account is required to set up recurring payments.
  • What payment methods can be used for recurring payments?
    • Credit or debit card, or bank account.

Payment Options

  • How can I make a payment?
    • You can make a payment online, by phone, or by mail.
  • Is there a fee for making a payment online or by phone?
    • There may be a convenience fee for online or phone payments.
  • Can I make a partial payment?
    • Yes, partial payments are allowed.

Contacting Medicredit, Inc.

  • How can I contact Medicredit, Inc.?
    • You can call the Medicredit, Inc. Support Unit at the number shown on your statement or email them.

Is Medicredit a real collection agency?

No, Medicredit is not a con; it is an actual debt collection business with offices along the Missouri River, northwest of St. Louis. Louis. If Medicredit contacts you, it’s likely that you have outstanding medical debt that your original creditor has sold to this organization.

How do I get rid of Medicredit?

Even after you pay off debt in collections, it can still be reported as a negative item on your credit report for years. Can I have Medicredit Corporation removed from my credit report with a pay-for-delete letter? By sending a letter marked “pay for delete” to the collection agency, you can try to have it taken off your credit report.

Can Medicredit hurt your credit score?

Regardless of whether you pay the Medicredit collection, it can lower your credit score and stay on your credit report for up to seven years. Unfortunately, paying the collection could even lower your credit score.

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