Papaya Bill Pay Reviews

papaya bill pay reviews

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08/31/2022I am completely disgusted with this third party billing company. I have used them over two years now. Payments have been timely withdrawn from my account but late payments have been made to the billing company. In my case, money was taken from my account to pay my bill on August 18, 2022. but was not paid until TODAY (August 31, 2022). The same amount that was already taken out of my account on the 18th is being taken out AGAIN when I also check my checking account. I contacted my utility company, and they informed me that they do not advise customers to use them. I’m switching to autopay and won’t ever again use them. Since they don’t have a phone number on file, I still haven’t received a response to my email, and my account will now have an additional $250 deducted. Just completely disgusted. Please be aware that if there were a star, it would be a negative one.

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Mar 24, 2022 — It’s safe, it’s easy and you don’t need stamps or envelopes. It keeps a record of all the bills you paid and all the pertinent information. I’ve …


Is Papaya safe to pay bills?

Regarding privacy, Papaya claims that all user information and payment methods are securely stored. We occasionally use the bill image just to enhance our computer vision software, so some of our engineers may have access to specific portions of the bill as our technology advances, according to Kann.

How do Papaya bill pay Work?

That technology was incorporated into the free Papaya app. And by simply taking a picture of any bill, whether it be a medical bill, utility bill, parking ticket, or any other bill Our technology recognizes the biller from a simple picture and instantly facilitates the payment.

How long does Papaya take to pay bills?

Healthcare organizations already promoting Papaya are seeing positive results. “Papaya users typically make payments more quickly: One of our healthcare partners observed that 63% of Papaya payments arrived within 20 days of billing,” claims Kann.

Is bill pay reliable?

When you use the right bill payment service, online bill payment is secure. A bank or business that offers online banking services will typically support an online bill payment service, making it trustworthy and secure. For instance, handing a credit card to a waiter at a restaurant is much riskier than using online bill payment.

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