Pay Durham Water Bill Online

pay durham water bill online

The Department of Water Management provides necessary services and maintains the City’s facilities, plants, and pipes.Our more than 350 water experts provide Durham residents with pure, clean drinking water every day, every day of the year.Water main breaks, sewer overflows, and other emergencies are fixed by quick response teams.Additionally, we clean used water at reclaiming facilities before environmentally safe disposal.

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Payments & Utilities | Durham, NC

Find out how to make a payment to the City including water bills , stormwater fees, parking, yard waste, and more. Water Services. Find out how to pay your water …

Customer Billing Services | Durham, NC

Utility payments can be made online at the City’s customer billing and account …


How do I pay my water bill in Durham NC?

You can pay your bill in a number of different ways: Online at the City’s customer billing and account portal, utility payments can be made.Pay by phone – call 919-560-1200, Option 1Pay by cash at the cashiering counter at City HallWestern UnionSend your check or money order along with the payment slip to:

How do I pay my water bill in NC?

To make a payment through the automated phone system, dial 888-905-3169.Please have the zip code for the service address, your payment method information, and your utility account number available.The automated system is accessible round-the-clock, every day of the week.

How much is water bill in Durham NC?

Tier 1 (0 to 2 ccf) Monthly Water RatesTier (per 100 cubic feet – ccf) FY 20 Rates FY 22 Rates $200$209Tier 2 (> 2 – 5 ccf)$301$315Tier 3 (> 5 – 8 ccf)$330$345Tier 4 (> 8 – 15 ccf)$431$451

How often is Durham water bill?

We charge residential users on a quarterly basis.We charge business customers every two months. Learn more about consumption and usage charges

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