Pay Metro Pcs Bill With Bank Account

pay metro pcs bill with bank account

This article is for you if you’re still unclear about how to pay your MetroPCS bill. T-Mobile collaborates with the cellphone provider MetroPCS on a number of projects. It came into existence around 2003. It makes use of the same network as T-Mobile.

The focus of MetroPCS is on prepaid wireless plans. As a result, you must pay upfront for any services you intend to use. If you go over your data allotment, you will need to pay again to continue using the service.

There are several ways for customers who already use MetroPCS service, also known as Metro by T-Mobile, to pay their accumulated bills. For instance, there is:.

These are the four main payment methods you can choose from. Let’s take consider these options individually.

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Can you pay MetroPCS with bank account?

You should use a credit card to pay your MetroPCS phone bill, but you can also add money with a debit card or a checking account.

How do I pay someone else’s MetroPCS phone bill?

Make one-time payments on our website as a guest, free of charge. All you need is a debit or credit card, and it’s quick and simple.

How do you pay your MetroPCS bill?

Log in to make a one-time payment or to set up AutoPay. You can also make payments through the MyMetro app.

Can I pay MyMetro bill with an electronic check?

Choose one of our payment processing systems, or we can integrate with your current application, to learn how eCheck Processing Works. Activate your Metro Merchant Services merchant account. Use our check imaging technology to scan a customer check or enter the customer check information into a Metro virtual terminal.

MetroPCS Bill Online Payment

You can pay your bills when you log in. Additionally, you have the choice to make a one-time payment without logging in. This is known as “Express Pay”. Use the steps below to make this payment without logging in:

  • Navigate to the payments page on
  • Here, there is a provision to put in your MetroPCS phone number and also confirm it. By implication, you need to enter your phone number twice.
  • Once you’re done, click the ‘Next button.
  • The next screen will require you to enter the payment details, confirm them and complete the transaction.
  • How to make MetroPCS bill payment online when logged in

  • Navigate to the payments page on
  • Tap on the ‘Make Payment with Login’ button. Alternatively, from the main menu at the top, click the ‘My Account’ link.
  • Enter the login details; your MetroPCS phone number and your account PIN.
  • If you’re now logged in to the account, click on the indication that you want to make a payment. Then carefully enter the correct details, confirm them, and complete other transactions.
  • Paying Your MetroPCS bill by phone

    With this phone payment method, a credit or debit card is required. The procedure is this; dial “*99” from any T-Mobile phone. For another number, dial 888-8metro8 which is a toll-free number. But keep your debit/credit card, PIN, and phone number close at hand.

    MetroPCS bill payment by Mail

    The part of your bill that says “month-to-month bill” needs to be forwarded to the following address:

    Metro by T-Mobile Wireless, Inc. PO Box 5119 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119.

    To reach them by mail regarding any unpaid bills, send a letter to:

    Metro by T-Mobile Wireless, Inc. PO Box 601119 Dallas, TX 75360.

    Other ways you can make payment include

    Visit a MetroPCS location nearby to make your payment in person. In addition, you can send MetroPCS a money order or a check. With the myMetro app for Android or iPhone, you can access your account with ease.

    Payment of MetroPCS bill in Store/in Person

    It’s crucial to search for and find any MetroPCS store nearby you in order to accomplish this. All you have to do is enter the store and let the employee know you want to pay your bills.

    When prompted, enter your Metro by phone number or T-Mobile account number along with the particular bill you want to pay. You’ll be given a confirmation number when the payment is approved. Ensure you retain this number.

    Checking of My MetroPCS Account Balance

    Normally, whenever your monthly payment is due, you’ll get a text message or an alert. This means that if you don’t pay right away, your account will be suspended for nonpayment. However, if you still pay within 30 days of when it was due, this service may still be reinstated.

    On your current MetroPCS phone, dial “*611” to check your balance. You can also text “Balance” to your phone number from your current T-Mobile phone as an alternative. The “myMetro” app is also available for iPhone and Android.

    In Conclusion

    You now know that the various MetroPCS payment options are so simple and easy to use that, if you stick to the above-mentioned instructions, you can complete the task in just a few minutes.

    If you follow the instructions, you can pay your bills over the phone, online, by sending a cashier’s check, or by visiting any MetroPCS location nearby.

    Please let us know your thoughts if this was helpful in answering your question about how to pay your Metro PCs bill.

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, you can make your payments online. Additionally, you can manage your account using the app using the same procedure.

    Can MetroPCS payment be made via phone?

    There is MetroPCS financing available, and any 4G phone can access it. With this, you have an additional 60 days to finish paying for any smartphone you bought using an APR of up to 36%.

    There is also Billfloat, which offers services for a fee starting at $8. 95 to $17. 95. But this will depend on the customer’s bill amount.

    Can I use my checking account to pay my metro bill?

    Autopay can be done on MetroPCS. com. On this platform, a monthly automatic debit from your checking account or debit/credit card will be made. Autopay is a method of payment, especially for eWallet. This can be created and managed via “My Account”.

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