Pay My Jcpenny Bill

pay my jcpenny bill

If you’re like most people, you probably have a JCPenney credit card. And if you’re like most people, you probably have a JCPenney bill that you need to pay. But what if you don’t have the money to pay your JCPenney bill? What can you do?
First of all, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to try to get your JCPenney bill paid. You can call JCPenney and try to work out a payment plan. You can also try to negotiate a lower monthly payment.
If you’re not able to work out a plan with JCPenney, you can try to find a friend or family member who can help you pay your bill. You can also look into getting a personal loan from a bank or credit union.
Whatever you do, don’t just ignore your JCPenney bill. If you do, you’ll end up

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JCPenney/Bill pay
1 (800) 527-4403

Login Page – JCPenney Credit Card

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About Payment Options | JCPenney

Enjoy shopping convenience, pay your bill online, and more! • Shop online 24 hours a day at or by phone to 1.800.322.1189.


How do I pay my JCPenney bill online?

You can pay your bill online by logging in and choosing “pay your bill online” from the navigation bar at the JCPenney Online Credit Center. You must have a U.S. bank checking account that is active. S. financial institution and the following information:Bank name. Checking account number. Bank routing number.

Can you pay JCPenney credit card on the app?

Users can now scan and store their gift cards, coupons, JCPenney Rewards, and more in one location thanks to a new digital wallet feature. The app allows users to use their JCPenney credit card to make a payment.

How do I access my JCPenney account?

Go to the JCPenney online credit center. Enter your user ID and password. If you’re using your own computer and frequently visit the website, check the “Remember User ID” box. To view information about your JCPenney account, select the “Secure Login” button.

What number do I call to pay my JCPenney bill?

By Phone. The toll-free number for JCPenney Credit Card Bill Pay is 1-800-527-4403. To make payments on your JCPenney credit card account, dial this number.

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