Prohealthmd Online Bill Pay

prohealthmd online bill pay

Gum disease, in particular, has repeatedly been shown in scientific studies to worsen or cause serious medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart disease, and more.

Our distinctive and innovative approach integrates your dental care and your medical care in addition to offering a full spectrum of the highest quality dental care.

“Oral health is a key element of overall health,” reads our mission statement. We coordinate our patients’ medical and dental care through relationships with healthcare organizations and medical groups to advance their general health and wellbeing. ”.

With our ProHealth Dental VIP Program, you can still receive high-quality care even if you don’t have dental insurance. Get all your preventative care covered for a small annual fee, plus special offers on cosmetic, major, and orthodontic treatments. Learn more about our membership program.

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It’s a secure, online tool powered by FollowMyHealth ® . … Pay your bill online . With myProHealth, staying on top of your bills is easy, too:.

ProHealth Physicians – Trusted Local Doctors For You & Your …

Need a physical, follow-up appointment or care when you’re sick? Try our new online scheduling tool. Schedule now.

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