Publix Bill Pay

publix bill pay

Yes. Some coupons can be used at the register to pay for your order in-person, while others can only be used online. Please refer to the terms of each coupon for information on how to use it.

Yes. The website will automatically display the sale price if any of the items offered for in-store pickup are on sale.

We’ll have it ready for you to pick up if you pay with a debit, credit, FSA card, or Publix gift card. Combining gift cards with a single debit/credit card allows for the use of multiple payment methods.

Currently, not all items are eligible for online payment. The entire order must be paid in-person if any of the items in your shopping cart are not eligible for online payment. To find out if your item qualifies, look for the Online Pay indicator.

If you have already placed the order, you must cancel it and submit it again.

After each transaction, your balance should be updated promptly. Your Club Publix wallet should display your most recent update.

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The most commonly known forms of contactless payments are Apple Pay ® , Google Pay TM and Samsung Pay ® . Customers will be able to use this contactless payment …

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Yes! You can pay with a debit, credit, FSA card, or Publix gift card and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up. Multiple forms of payment can be used by …


Can you pay bills at Publix?

Most Publix, Walgreens, and Walmart locations, among many others, accept payments. Use our interactive map to find a nearby authorized walk-in payment location that is open and accepting payments.

Can you pay on Publix app?

Mobile Pay via our Publix app is now available, and we’re thrilled to fulfill your request. With this function, you can shop using only your smartphone and leave your cash and credit/debit cards at home. Getting started using Mobile Pay is simple!.

Can I pay Publix Pharmacy Online?

Gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, and flexible spending accounts (collectively, “Card”) may be used to pay for eligible purchases made at the Publix Pharmacy using Pharmacy Prepay.

How do you use Publix pay app?

Pay TabAt checkout, click on the Pay tab. When you first set up Mobile Pay, you created a four-digit pin that is your Publix PIN. A camera will pop up. Make sure your cashier is aware that you plan to use Mobile Pay so they can point you in the right direction.

Publix now offers contactless pay options

All of Publix’s retail locations, including Publix GreenWise Market, will soon accept contactless payments. This is yet another step that Publix is taking to safeguard the health and safety of its clients and staff members during the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of swiping or inserting a card into the PIN pad, a contactless payment is made by holding a smartphone or a credit or debit card with contactless pay close to a contactless-enabled device. The most well-known contactless payment methods are Samsung Pay®, Google PayTM, and Apple Pay®. Beginning on April 4, customers will be able to use this contactless payment option across the chain.

Customers will still be able to complete their purchases using the current mobile pay feature available through the Publix app in addition to this digital payment option.

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