Slemco Bill Pay By Phone

slemco bill pay by phone

You will never receive a call from SLEMCO regarding your account and a demand for payment. Any demand for unpaid fees will be delivered to you via US Postal Service.

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Payment Options – SLEMCO

SLEMCO Residential Members can call 844-859-5978 24 hours a day to pay their bill by debit or credit card.

View and Pay Your Bill – SLEMCO

Phone : 337-896-5384; Email: info@ slemco .com; Address: 2727 SE Evangeline Thruway (70508) P.O. Box 90866 Lafayette, LA 70509.

Billing – SLEMCO

For more information, call the SLEMCO Customer Service Department at 337-896-5200 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or e-mail us at customer.


Where can I pay my Slemco bill?

Phone: Email: Address: 2727 SE Evangeline Thruway (70508) P. View and Pay Your Bill O. Box 90866 Lafayette, LA 70509.

What is the Slemco app?

A Powerful Power Management Tool for Desktops, Phones & Tablets. SLEMCO’s online member portal, SmartHub, makes it simpler than ever for members to manage, monitor, track, and pay for their energy use.

Does Slemco require a deposit?

Deposit Requirements for Both Current and New Locations A $50 service fee is required for new locations. For Commercial Customers, please click here for deposit information.

Unrequested Government Payments of Your Bill

Scammers have recently been posting on social media, blogging, and even sending out slick advertisements claiming the government will give out credits to pay for electric bills.

They demand your social security and bank routing numbers and promise to pay your electricity bills on your behalf.

Never give out personal information, such as your social security number, birthday, bank account information, or credit card details to someone who makes an unbelievable claim.

All that it does is enable con artists to steal people’s identities, hack into accounts, and also steal money.

Call our Customer Service Department at 337-896-5200 if you have any questions about your bill, its status, or the balance.

slemco bill pay by phone

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