Sprint Bill Pay Without Logging In

sprint bill pay without logging in

To avoid late fees, it’s crucial to pay your Sprint bill on time. Sprint has provided 4 easy ways for you to pay.

This guide was created to make it as simple and quick as possible for you to pay your Sprint bill.

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Express Payment


It’s simple and quick. Pay your bill without signing in or make a guest payment for a Sprint customer. Phone number or account number.

View and Pay Your Sprint Bill Online | Sprint Support – T-Mobile


Go to sprint .com/paybill and sign in. Follow the instructions on screen to make your payment. Print your bill .


How can I pay my Sprint bill without logging in?

Pay your bill without signing in or transfer money to a Sprint customer as a guest. Go to https://www. sprint. com/apps/express-payment. No username or password required. Open the My Sprint Mobile app. Tap Make a payment. Follow the instructions on screen to make your payment.

How do I view my Sprint bill online?

1. Using a legitimate username and password, log into My Sprint at www. sprint. com. 2. Your Bill section, under Recent Payments – See Details, should be selected.

How do I pay my sprint T-Mobile bill?

Making a paymentOpen the T-Mobile app. Select the “bill” tab at the bottom of the screen. Choose payment amount. Select “make a payment” and enter the desired amount to make a payment. Enter payment method. You can enter a card number or banking details as the payment method. Choose processing date. Submit payment.

What is the number to pay Sprint bill by phone?

Phone Bill Payment for Sprint You can also call Sprint at 1-800-784-2608 to pay your bill. Calling *3 from the phones covered by your Sprint plan will also connect you to Sprint. Once you call them, you’ll be sent to an IVR.

Ways To Pay Your Sprint Bill

There are 4 ways to pay your Sprint bill:

  • Pay online at sprint.com/mysprint
  • Call 1-800-784-2608
  • Mail a check to Sprint
  • Pay via QR code on your mailed statement
  • Paying Your Bill Online

    To pay your Sprint bill online, go to sprint.com/mysprint.

    If you haven’t already, sign in to your account or create one.

    From your home page, select Pay Bill. Once there, verify your method of payment and approve the transaction.

    You can actually pay your bill without logging into your account here.

    Simply enter your phone number or account number, the payment amount, and your card details to get started.

    I’ve shared the screenshot of the express payment page below.

    sprint bill pay without logging in

    We have a useful guide on how to reduce your Sprint bill if that’s all you’re after. If you’ve already switched to T-Mobile, click here to find out how to cut your T-Mobile bill.

    Sprint Bill Pay Via Phone

    You can also contact Sprint by phone at 1-800-784-2608 to pay your bill. Calling *3 from the phones covered by your Sprint plan will also connect you to Sprint.

    Once you call them, you’ll be sent to an IVR.

    In order to identify your account, they will need your account’s phone number and zip code.

    They will then inform you of the full amount owed and the deadline for payment.

    After that, they will request authorization to charge the full amount to the card you have on file. You will hear the last four digits of the card that you have on file.

    Press 1 if you want to pay the full amount. If not press 2 or hang up.

    You can ask to speak with a representative if the automated system isn’t working properly for you.

    If you have unforeseen expenses, they can help you set up your bill payment and make any necessary payment arrangements. Don’t wait until the last minute to pay your bill because it takes time for your payment to be processed.

    Pay By Check

    You can also pay Sprint by check. Every month, Sprint will send you a free envelope that you can use to mail your check if you receive your bill in the mail.

    To avoid having to write down the address where your check will be sent, you can tear the bottom half of the first page of your bill.

    Pull up your most recent statement online to see what PO box they ask you to send a check to if you don’t have a paper bill but still want to pay with it.

    The most popular Sprint PO boxes are located in Carol Stream, Illinois 60197 and Los Angeles, California 90054, respectively.

    One, in my opinion, is for the East Coast and the other, the West Coast. Make sure you are sending your bill to the correct PO Box by checking your bill.

    Make your check payable to Sprint if you wish to pay your bill by mail.

    Delivering mail takes a few days, especially if you mail in the afternoon or on the weekends. Mail the check at least ten days before your due date.

    Pay By QR Code

    You can also pay your Sprint bill via QR code.

    There will be a QR code on your Sprint bill that you can scan to make a payment if you receive your bills by mail.

    Only paper bills have these QR codes; online bills do not.

    Simply activate the camera on your phone and scan the QR code. You’ll be directed to a page where you can authorize Sprint to charge a card that is already on file.

    It’s one of the simplest and painless methods of payment.

    Lower Your Sprint Bill With BillSmart

    There are numerous ways to pay your bill through Sprint. Go with whatever is most convenient for you.

    We can assist you if you believe that the rate on your Sprint bill is higher than it should be.

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    sprint bill pay without logging in

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