State Farm Bill Pay Key Code

state farm bill pay key code

At State Farm, we understand the importance of keeping your personal information safe and secure. That’s why we’ve created a unique 10-digit code, known as your key code, to help you quickly identify and pay your insurance bill.

Every time a new bill is generated, we’ll provide you with a new key code. This code is only used for making one-time payments over the phone or online and doesn’t give anyone access to your account or policy information.

Paying your insurance bill is easy and convenient with your key code. You can either pay online or give us a call at 800-440-0998, available 24/7.

And if you’re looking for your key code, it can be found on the bottom portion of page 1 in the “Please fold and tear here” section of your State Farm Payment Plan and Auto bill. It’s also listed under “Call your Agent.”


Homeowner, Fire, Life and Health bills:┬áLocate your current bill’s 10-digit key code at the top-right corner of the bill, directly above where it reads “See reverse for important information.”


Insurance Bill Pay | State Farm®

Pay using the key code from your current bill by calling the State Farm bill pay number 800-440-0998 (24/7). Use a credit card or checking/savings account.

Provide Bill Information – State Farm

Quickly pay your bills without logging in or signing up. Enter a phone number, policy number, SFPP account number or key code to pay a bill .


Where is the key code located on State Farm Bill?

Find the 10-digit key code for your homeowner, fire, life, and health bills in the top-right corner of the bill, just above the statement that reads, “See reverse for important information.””

How can I pay my State Farm account without logging in?

By PhoneCall 800-440-0998 (24/7) for State Farm bill pay to make a payment using the key code from your most recent bill. Use a credit card or checking/savings account

Can I pay my State Farm bill over the phone?

For any reason, if you’ve already signed up for online account access but are unable to log in, call customer service at 888-559-1922 888-559-1922 at any time of day or night.A customer service agent will confirm your identity and assist you in accessing your account. Find out how we’ll verify your identity by phone

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