Submeter One Bill Pay

submeter one bill pay

In the business world, time is money. That’s why it’s important to have a streamlined bill pay system in place. By submetering one bill pay, you can save time and money.
submetering one bill pay is a process of sending out a single payment to multiple vendors. This can be done online or through a traditional mail system. submetering one bill pay can save you time and money by consolidating your payments into one.
There are many benefits to submetering one bill pay. By consolidating your payments, you can save on postage and processing fees. You can also save time by not having to write out multiple checks or process multiple payments. submetering one bill pay can also help you keep track of your spending by giving you a consolidated view of all your payments.
If you’re looking to save time and money, submetering one bill pay is a great solution. Streamline your bill pay system today and start

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If you use a lot of water on the outside of your home, a residential sub-meter might be right for you

Get a sub-meter if you use a lot of water only outside your home, such as to water your lawn, garden, or fill a pool, and that water doesn’t go into our sewer system. If so, only domestic, or inside, water consumption would be reflected in the “Sewer Usage” fee on your bill.

To find out if any plumbing adjustments are necessary to separate the household and outside water services, get in touch with a Registered Master Plumber. A WSSC Water-Registered Master Plumber must install the sub-meter.

Costs associated with installing a residential sub-meter

One-time WSSC Water Sub-meter Installation charge:

  • Small sub-meter charge: $260
  • Large sub-meter charge: $525
  • One-time inspection Fee: $85
  • Plumbing permit/Inspection Fee: $265
  • Additional Costs:

  • System Development Charge fees may apply (Call 301-206-4003 for more information.)
  • On-site plumbing work, arranged with a WSSC Water Registered Master Plumber and completed at the property owners expense*
  • * WSSC Water cannot estimate this expense. The customer/property owner and the Registered Master Plumber who will make the modifications negotiate the cost of on-site plumbing. For further details, contact Permit Services at (301)-206-4003 (toll-free 1-800-643-8400).

    Based on metered public water use, WSSC Waters charges for water consumption and sewage usage. When a utility offers both public water and sewer services, this is a widely accepted practice. According to Maryland law, WSSC Water must display separate charges for water consumption and sewer usage. The owner, tenant, or occupant “shall not be charged a sewer usage charge for the water so used, provided, however, that they pay to the WSSC Water the cost of installing such a separate metered connection,” according to the WSSC Water’s regulations. “.

    How is a sub-meter bill calculated?

    Here is an illustration of how the sub-meter charges on a WSSC Water bill are calculated:

    In a 90-day billing cycle, the Main Meter records 45,000 gallons of water (500 gallons per day). In a 90-day billing cycle, a sub-meter measuring outdoor usage records 27,000 gallons of water used outdoors.

    The amount used internally and subject to a sewer usage charge is represented by the registered difference in water consumption of 18,000 gallons (200 gallons per day) between the main meter and the submeter.

    The bill calculations based on this example are:

    500 gallons per day on average is the water consumption rate, which equals: ($4 61 X 45,000)/1,000= $207. 45.

    Sewer Usage Rate (with a Sub-Meter) For sewer use at 200 gallons per day on average: ($5 08 X 18,000)/1,000 = $91. 44.

    Sewer Usage Rate ($6) for sewer use at an average daily consumption of 500 gallons without a submeter 62 X 45,000)/1,000 = $297. 00.

    More Information on Rates and Billing

    Your quarterly bill is now visually appealing, easy to read, and understandable. This overview explains important information and key terms youll se.

    We consider the cost of the service, fairness, and our financial stability when setting our water and sewer rates.

    Your WSSC Water bill includes more than just the water usage fee. Youll also see various fees, which are explained below.

    When one of our meter readers is unable to obtain a reading from your interior water meter, we may occasionally ask for your assistance. Heres how to do it.

    We are dedicated to assisting customers in paying their water bills through our improved financial assistance programs.

    How much water do you use on a daily basis, or what is your ADC? You might be surprised to learn how quickly you use water on a daily basis. Last Modified: June 23, 2022, 4:06 pm EDT.

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