Think Utility Services Bill Pay

think utility services bill pay

A third party company handles online payments made through the website.In order to better serve our properties and residents, Think Utility Services switched to an online billing system a few years ago.The capability for residents to pay online was one of the things that was desired.The third-party business charges TUS a fee for each resident who pays with a credit card.As a result, TUS must charge a convenience fee to any resident who chooses the online payment method. In sub-metering, we cannot hide any fees Think Utility Services billing fee does not reflect online payments

Individual meter readings, the processing and mailing of invoices, and customer service support are all included in the billing fee.Alternative payment options include credit card payments made over the phone with a customer service representative or online through our website.Consequently, a Convenience Fee applies to those payment methods.Each time, residents are informed up front about the fee and asked if they want to move forward.

Making arrangements with your bank to send a payment to Think Utility Services is a low-cost payment option. Typically, most banks do not charge for online payments As consumers ourselves, this is our chosen method of paymentAdditionally, you can still send a check or money order using the conventional mailing method.

In utility submetering, we cannot hide any costsUsually, a business that provides a “free” service can conceal the operating expenses in the product or admin fee. It is illegal to add monies to water/sewer ratesWe are required by the municipal water provider to charge the exact rates.There is no exception; charges are made to every business that issues credit cards.Due to the credit card charge, small businesses will require a minimum purchase amount before a credit card is run.

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Mail check/money order: FreePay online using tenant bank: Free (Note: Bank will mail a physical check. Please give them 2 business days to mail a check).Pay online using Think Utility website: $3.95Pay over the phone with a Think Utility CSR: $4.95Pay using ACH each month: $95

think utility services bill pay

We do provide different payment options besides the standard mailing of checks and money orders.Please be aware that people are free to select their preferred method of payment.We wouldn’t be able to continue operating if we had to cover the cost of the alternative payment methods. Our billing fee is how we get paidAlthough we do charge late fees, residents are responsible for them if they pay their balance partially, late, or not at all.

Water submetering is a cost recovery programIn order to send the property one reimbursement check for water and sewer reimbursement (less our money), we are collecting money for the property.

Below is an explanation breakdown on the alternative payment methods.

We use a third party that handles the online payments We are charged for the service This charge is passed to the residentsBefore the resident makes the payment, the website makes the convenience fee clear.

We employ a live person, whose labor is charged for processing credit cards and operating the machine.

The cost of the service is passed on to the resident by the bank.This is a resident or condo owner’s automatic payment choice.

I always advise people who are concerned about their finances to pay online using their bank Banks do not charge for online paymentsThe payment is not sent electronically; the bank may need a few days to cut a check and mail it to us.Therefore, even though an online resident’s payment is immediately deducted from their account, our Billing Department still needs to cut, mail, and receive the resident’s check.

think utility services bill pay

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