Vacaville Water Bill Pay

vacaville water bill pay

Your utility bill is due when it is received, and if it is not paid by the due date, it will become past due. If it becomes past due, a late fee of 10% or $10, whichever is greater, will be added to your account. If your bill is not paid in full, a processing fee will be added, and a notice of service interruption with a date for service termination will be mailed. What should I do if my water is disconnected due to nonpayment? If the bill is unpaid, your service will be interrupted, and there will be an additional processing fee added for nonpayment.

The customer is required to pay all outstanding delinquent charges and fees before service that has been halted due to non-payment can be resumed or continued. The payment must be received by 4:00 pm in order to receive same-day restoral without paying an after-hours restoral fee. Any person other than city employees who turns on the water service could be fined or charged more. The customer is liable for any damages that result from an unauthorized service restoration. Returned Payment.

The customer’s account will be regarded as unpaid if the City is informed of a returned payment. A returned payment fee will be charged by the City in accordance with the Service and Facility Rental Fees schedule. A notification of the returned payment will be sent to the customer of record. The notice will specify the date the returned payment and fee must be paid to avoid further notifications and fees if the account is less than 60 days past due at the time of the returned payment. A 7-day notice of service interruption will be mailed to the customer of record if the customer’s account is more than 60 days past due at the time the payment is returned.

If a customer pays to reinstate water service that had been cut off for nonpayment and the city learns that the payment was returned, it may issue a 48-hour notice of service interruption right away.

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