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valley vista services bill pay online

All residential, commercial, and multi-family premises in the city must participate in the city’s organic waste reduction program, according to an ordinance passed by the El Monte City Council on October 5, 2021 (Ordinance # 3006). The City of El Monte will take a number of actions to fulfill the state-mandated waste diversion objectives. California’s Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy has information on food waste for businesses and commercial compliance.

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Reason for Changes

Senate Bill (SB) 1383, which was passed in 2016, set a target of reducing the amount of organic waste dumped in California landfills by 75% by the year 2025. Lawn and landscaping waste, wood and lumber, food, food-soiled paper, and other paper and cardboard products are all considered organic waste according to the law. Currently, two-thirds of this material is landfilled. Methane, a potent greenhouse gas that the state of California has identified as a contributor to climate change, is produced as organic waste decomposes in landfills. Additionally, SB 1383 sets a target for a 20% increase in edible food recovery by 2025.

The regulations state that certain food-related businesses must donate to food recovery organizations the maximum amount of edible food that they would otherwise dispose of. Beginning in January 2022, grocery stores, supermarkets, food distributors, and wholesale food vendors are required to donate any excess edible food to food recovery organizations. Hotels, restaurants, health care facilities, state agency cafeterias, sizable venues, events, and educational facilities will all be included starting in 2024. California is aiming to donate 20% of its edible food to those in need by the year 2025.

Collection and Recycling

The City and Valley Vista Services will increase organic waste collection services for citizens and businesses beginning in July 2022. Green cart food and yard waste will be recycled utilizing:

  • Composting facilities that make soil amendments, materials that are added to soil to change and improve it.
  • Anaerobic digestion facilities, technology and microorganisms break down organic waste in closed spaces where there is no oxygen and create renewable natural gas.
  • Who is Affected?

    All Californians are impacted by the new organic waste law, including single-family homes, multi-family buildings, businesses, and educational institutions. The City of El Monte anticipates beginning its program for recycling organic materials in July 2022.

    Residential and Multi-Family (1-4 units)

    Green carts will be used for all “organics,” including lawn and garden debris, food scraps and food-soiled paper, such as pizza boxes and paper plates. Instead of putting food into your trash cart, you will now separate it in the kitchen and place it into the green cart. Kitchen scrap pails along with an initial supply of compostable plastic bags will be made available to help you separate food scraps from miscellaneous trash in the kitchen. As soon as you receive your new kitchen pails, begin placing bagged food scraps and food-soiled paper into the green cart with your yard waste. You can use this pail with the bags to collect fruit, vegetables, bones, coffee grounds, dairy products, eggshells, fish, meat, grain products, baked goods, spoiled food, uneaten leftovers and similar items. The pail helps reduce odor and keeps your kitchen tidy before you empty the scraps into your green cart.”

    Prior to the implementation of the new recycling regulations, residents and businesses will be mailed notifications. It is crucial that you get involved in defending California’s environment and economy from the effects of climate change.

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