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waepa bill pay

Providing affordable life insurance with pride to current and former Civilian Federal EmployeesSince 1943, WAEPA, a non-profit organization, has prioritized your needs and the future of your family. $100k in Guaranteed Life Insurance

WAEPA is providing $100k in Guaranteed Group Term Life Insurance FOR A LIMITED TIME. No medical exam required This offer ends 12/9/22 Exclusions apply

WAEPA is pleased to announce that both current and former Civilian Federal Employees will now be eligible for membership.

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WAEPA: Affordable Group Term Life Insurance for Federal …


WAEPA provides affordable coverage on Group Term Life Insurance and financial service benefits for Civilian Federal Employees. Supplement or replacement for …

Carrying Coverage with WAEPA is Easier Than Ever


Online payments via your bank or bill pay service – You can initiate a payment online through your bank or bill pay service (the service would send WAEPA an …


Can I pay WAEPA by credit card?

WAEPA is not currently set up to process payments made with credit or debit cards.This is not a payment option as WAEPA would be charged additional fees,

What does WAEPA stand for?

Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies (WAEPA) was founded For Feds, By Feds and is a 501(c)(9) non-profit organization.Since 1943, WAEPA has only provided Group Term Life Insurance* to Civilian Federal Employees and their families.

How do I access my FEGLI account?

Log in to your online account to access your life insurance enrollment information. Go to OPM Retirement Services OnlineIn the menu, select Life Insurance to see your enrollment confirmation.To download or print your enrollment confirmation, click the save or print icon.

Which is better FEGLI or WAEPA?

When compared to FEGLI, WAEPA offers higher maximum coverage amounts and frequently results in cost savings.

Explore Our Products Whether you’re starting a new job, growing your family, or planning for retirement, see why Feds choose WAEPA to be there for life’s biggest moments.

Only current and former Civilian Federal Employees are eligible for WAEPA’s affordable Group Term Life Insurance coverage.A Chronic Illness Rider can help you improve your insurance and pay for unforeseen chronic illness costs.

The newest offering from WAEPA offers paycheck protection for certain illnesses and injuries.If you are out of work due to recovery, you can receive up to $6,500 in coverage per month for up to six months to make up for lost income.

Get $100k in GUARANTEED Group Term Life Insurance for a limited time without any medical underwriting. Exclusions apply and you must be new to WAEPA Hurry! Offer expires November 18, 2022

Serving Feds for LifeWith WAEPA, you get more than life insurance. We offer helpful tools, resources, and free financial planning.

Fill out each field to get the ideal amount of life insurance coverage.When learning about life insurance, there are many factors to take into account, so we are here to assist.Call our Member Services team at (800) 368-3484 to go over your individual options.

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