West Boca Medical Center Bill Pay

west boca medical center bill pay

While Baptist Health Urgent Care facilities offer a variety of COVID-19 testing options, the best testing choice for you will be determined after a medical evaluation. To learn more, visit Baptisthealthnet/CovidTest

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Insurance & Billing Questions for West Boca Medical Center


Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions and answers about insurance and paying hospital bills . In addition to paying your bill in person or by …

Payment Plan Agreements | Bill Pay – West Boca Medical Center


We offer convenient bill payment options to help you and your family with costs. Up to 36 Months to Pay . $25/Month Minimum Payment .


How many beds does West Boca Medical Center have?

West Boca Medical Center, which has 195 beds and a committed team of medical experts, prioritizes the needs of our patients.

When did West Boca Medical Center open?

The West Boca Medical Center, a new hospital for the area, is currently being built. Its completion is anticipated this month, and its grand opening is scheduled for February. 2, according to Robert L Boattini, regional manager for Stolte, Inc, construction manager and general contractor for the hospital

Urgent Care: See us in person or meet us online

Come in for minor illnesses and injuriesAdditionally, we provide Covid-19 evaluation and testing along with flu shots.Walk-ins are welcome at all times, or you can reserve a spot online.conveniently situated next to PNC Bank on the corner of Lyons Road and Glades Road

$25 Physicals Sports, camp and school physicals through September

Pay in full today and discount will be applied.

Basic Evaluation:

  • Routine office visit
  • Medical history assessment
  • Care plan including prescription(s), if needed
  • * No diagnostic imaging or on-site labs performed and no on-site medication provided. ** Any COVID test is an additional $50.

    Basic Evaluation Plus:

  • Tier 1 evaluation plus any one of the following tests and/or medication
  • Two on-site lab tests such as Covid Rapid Antigen, Covid Molecular (not PCR), Influenza A & B, Strep, Urine Pregnancy, Mono, Glucose, RSV and Urinalysis
  • One medication administration via oral, topical or injection
  • * Any lab tests not performed on-site will be subject to self-pay pricing. For more information, please discuss with your provider.

    Advanced Evaluation & Treatment:

  • Tier 2 evaluation plus any one of the following tests/medication
    • Up to four on-site lab tests such as COVID Rapid Antigen or COVID Molecular, Influenza A & B, Strep, Urine Pregnancy, Mono, Glucose, RSV and Urinalysis
    • COVID RT-PCR send out test included.
  • One X-ray (body part)
    • Splinting of body part as needed is included

    * Each additional X-ray is $50 per body part.

    Complex Evaluation & Treatment:

  • Tier 3 evaluation plus any one of the following tests/medication/procedures
  • One procedure such as:
    • Laceration and wound repair (suture, gel foam, dermabond or steristrips)
      • Removal of sutures included
      • Follow-up visit included if no additional interventions are required
    • Incision and drainage
    • Skin procedure (foreign body removal/attempt, burn dressing/debridement)

    * Each additional procedure is $149

    * Our urgent care centers charge less for facilities than Baptist Health Hospitals do.

  • Completion of required forms for:
    • School
    • Sports*
    • Camp
  • Immunization form (blue)
  • *Add EKG to Sports Physical $50

  • Basic evaluation
  • Medical history assessment
  • Completion of required forms
  • Medical evaluation
  • Covid Rapid Antigen Test*
  • *Walk out with your results.

  • Medical evaluation
  • PCR Test*
  • *Result times may vary, usually 2-3 days.

    Flu $29
    Hepatitis B Vaccine (per injection) $79
    MMR $125
    Pneumococcal Vaccine (seasonal) $109
    PPD $30
    Tdap $75
    Varicella $139
    Vitamin B-12 $35

    Click here to view the insurances that this urgent care facility accepts.

    Pay a Bill Paying your bill online is fast, easy, and secure.

    Save My Spot

    It is possible that other patients’ conditions will require them to be treated before you, so booking online and using the “Save My Spot” feature does not guarantee that you will receive immediate treatment when you arrive.Call 9-1-1 or head to the closest ER right away if your symptoms get worse or you think you’re in a life-threatening emergency.No matter their financial situation or insurance coverage, all patients will receive a medical screening exam.

    Resources for Hospital Data

    Floridas Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) makes available data on hospital prices and performance on their website at FloridaHealthFinder.gov.

    Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

    You are shielded from surprise billing or balance billing when you receive emergency care or are treated by an out-of-network physician at a hospital or ambulatory surgical center that is a part of the network. Learn more Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of

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