Wooster Hospital Bill Pay

wooster hospital bill pay

Auto deduction of bills from your checking account. Download the Authorization Form to begin the process.

All unpaid WCS property balances billed to a property, even if billed before the owner took ownership, are the owner’s responsibility. Check here for any outstanding real estate tax balances and pending certification.

The following report lists the outstanding balance for utility bills from the City of Wooster as of the report date, broken down by parcel number. For additional information, please call 330-263-5200 ext 393.

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Contact Us | Wooster Community Hospital (WCH) Health System


Pay by phone by calling our business office at (330) 263-8158 or toll-free (833) 540-9687 · Pay online . We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and …

Patient Portal (WCH eCare) – Wooster Community Hospital


Wooster Community Hospital makes it easy and convenient for you to manage your health care online . Once you register, you can log in at any time.


What insurance does Wooster Hospital accept?

Wooster Community Hospital accepts the majority of managed care plans in addition to all major traditional insurance plans.

Who is the CEO of Wooster Community Hospital?

The Vice President, CFO/COO Scott Boyes and President/CEO Bill Sheron of Wooster Community Hospital Health System both presented at the QHR Health 2022 National Leadership Conference on July 21, 2022 in Nashville.

How many beds does Wooster Community Hospital have?

A 173-bed acute care hospital, Wooster Community Hospital (WCH) Health System offers full services. Located in Wooster, the hub of Wayne County, Ohio.

Is Wooster hospital a non profit?

Almost everyone in Wooster and Wayne County is aware that Wooster Community Hospital is the best option for locally accessible, award-winning healthcare. Did you know, however, that Wooster Community is the largest non-profit organization in our region? Receives NO TAX SUPPORT.

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