Www Shadygrovefertility Com Resources Patients Online Bill Pay Payments

www shadygrovefertility com resources patients online bill pay payments

Calling to make your first appointment can be stressful, which is why Shady Grove Fertility has a dedicated team to take your call and make sure we address all of your questions.

A group within our New Patient Center is devoted to giving prospective patients the fundamentals of our financial plans, available treatments, and how to get started information. Many team members have firsthand experience with the fertility journey as SGF patients.

Please be prepared to schedule your first appointment by having your insurance information and, if applicable, the demographics of your partner, available. The New Patient Liaison will inquire about your demographics as well as your medical history, including how long you have been trying to get pregnant, what brought you to SGF, and how you were referred.

Shady Grove Fertility provides both in-person and virtual consultations to best meet the preferences of each patient. Partners are still able to join the virtual consults.

When scheduling, if you’d prefer a virtual or in-person consultation, please let the new patient liaison know.

Additionally, you’ll be asked which office you want to start receiving care at. SGF has a location close to you thanks to its more than 50 locations.

You can select which SGF doctor you want to see after choosing a home office. We do ask that you make an appointment for this initial consultation with the medical professional who will oversee your care. Find a doctor and learn more about the outstanding medical staff at SGF here.

A system called Phreesia will send you an email and a text message prior to your new patient consultation. Phreesia is a new, private, HIPAA-compliant, electronic patient intake system. Phreesia is a well-known industry leader and has demonstrated that its contactless, flexible, mobile, in-office, and convenient check-in options significantly enhance the overall patient experience. On the day of their appointment, patients who have scheduled virtual consultations will receive their telemedicine link from Phreesia.

You’ll finish your paperwork and send Phreesia images of your insurance card and driver’s license. Before your appointment, all paperwork must be finished three business days in advance so that your care team has time to review your medical history.

Please have any previous medical records that are relevant to this appointment faxed directly to your office.

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Do you have a question about your bill or invoice ? Contact Shady Grove Fertility’s financial services team for help.


Does Shady Grove fertility have an app?

A sophisticated ovulation calculator, menstrual calendar, fertility chart, and period tracker are all features of Fertility Friend. Additionally, the app offers education, sophisticated tools and advice, and discussion forums where you can interact with others who are trying to conceive.

What is SGF fertility?

The largest independent fertility clinic in the United States is Shady Grove Fertility (SGF). S. , with its dedication to providing comprehensive, easily accessible, and reasonably priced patient-centered care, investment in clinical research, and other efforts, has been a pioneer and leader in advancing the field of reproductive medicine for nearly three decades.

What is the shared risk program at Shady Grove?

Our unique program offers patients the chance to pay a flat fee for up to 6 IVF or donor egg cycles and any subsequent frozen embryo transfers, and is available to patients who do not have insurance benefits or are choosing not to use their benefits to cover the cost of their fertility treatment.

Does Shady Grove do ICSI?

The advanced method of fertilization known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI; pronounced “ick-see”) can be carried out in a laboratory setting as part of IVF treatment.

Your first fertility specialist appointment

You will discuss your medical history and your plans for starting a family with your doctor during your initial visit. After the consultation, your Care Coordinator will assist you in making any necessary appointments for diagnostic testing. Your doctor will go over the fertility testing procedure.

Selma Amrane, MD, says, “At the initial appointment, I want patients to feel encouraged to ask questions and see this as an opportunity to have a conversation about your family-building goals. D. , who sees patients at SGF’s Towson, Maryland, location. The initial visit may be intimidating, but I assure you that SGF’s commitment to offering patient-centered, compassionate fertility care will help you feel more at ease. ”.

The initial fertility consultation with your doctor entails a thorough assessment of your background and medical history. The appointment typically lasts 45 to 90 minutes. You will have the chance to ask questions, get answers, and take part in creating a plan for additional assessment and/or treatment during this visit. Here’s more information on what to anticipate from your initial fertility consultation.

Before they meet with their doctor, some patients interested in egg freezing will need to have the diagnostic testing finished.

A few days after your appointment, your dedicated financial counselor will send you financial and insurance information via the SGF patient portal. You can also use the portal to ask to schedule a time to speak with your financial advisor.

Call one of our New Patient Liaisons at 888-761-1967 to schedule an appointment at Shady Grove Fertility if you’re having trouble getting pregnant.

Medical contribution by Selma Amrane, M.D.

Selma Amrane, M. D. is board certified in reproductive endocrinology, infertility, and obstetrics and gynecology. She specializes in the identification and management of infertility, including gynecologic endocrine conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome, male factor infertility, and endometriosis-related infertility. Dr. Amrane see patients at SGF’s Towson, Maryland office.

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