91Expresslanes Bill Pay

91expresslanes bill pay

Los Angeles County, Interstate 10 and Interstate 110. Learn more at MetroExpresslanes. net. (opens in a new window).

State Route 73, State Route 133, State Route 241, and State Route 261 in Orange County Learn more at TheTollRoads. com. (opens in a new window).

Orange County, 91 Express Lanes. Learn more at 91ExpressLanes. com. (opens in a new window).

San Diego County. State Route 125 South Bay expressway and the Interstate 15 Express Lanes Learn more at 511SD. com. (opens in a new window) .

Please go to the IE511 website to find out more and to plan your trip using FasTrak in Southern California. org Trip Planner. (opens in a new window) .

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91 Express Lanes – Home


Pay a Toll Violation. Search and pay violations online . Person Icon. Manage Account. Log into your account. Megaphone icon. Latest Updates.

Pay or Contest – 91 Express Lanes


Account Agreement · Violation Ordinance · View All Forms · Scheduled Closures · Toll Schedules.


Can you pay 91 Express Lanes online?

Pay 91 Express Lanes quickly and securely using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Apple Pay credit or debit card, online through doxo, on your mobile device, or with your bank account.

How do I pay FasTrak 91 Freeway?

With the help of a practical FasTrak® transponder, drivers can pay tolls; the toll amount is automatically deducted from a pre-paid account. You can open an account to get a FasTrak® transponder or use one that was provided by one of the California toll operators.

Who paid for the 91 Express Lanes?

The facility was built and paid for by a private consortium called California Private Transportation Company (CPTC), which then gave the state (Caltrans) ownership and was supposed to run the lanes for 35 years.

Is 91 Express free for 3 +?

Account holders travel without paying tolls Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m., except when going eastbound. m. Carpools of three or more get a 50% discount on the posted toll during this busy period.

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