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checkfree web bill pay sign in

Online criminals temporarily diverted visitors to their own server by controlling the Domain Name System (DNS) record for payment processor CheckFree.

The site was redirected at around 12:30 a. m. According to Susan Wade, a Network Solutions spokeswoman, the domain’s DNS settings were modified on Tuesday after someone logged into CheckFree’s Network Solutions account. “Somebody got hold of the customers login information,” she said. “I don’t know how they got access. “.

The criminals were able to direct Internet traffic to their own server by altering the domain’s DNS settings.

In a statement, CheckFree said that by 10:10 a. m. The non-CheckFree site was isolated by the rogue sites Internet service provider so that no subscribers could access it. “.

The website attempted to install harmful software on victims’ computers while it was live, according to CheckFree.

“Users would have seen a blank page during the incident if they were directed to the non-CheckFree site,” A malware download attempt would probably have been detected by those using current security software, the company said. “Users may have been exposed to a malware software download if their anti-virus software was out of date or they didn’t have it installed.” “.

To view PDF files, CheckFree advises its users to download the most recent versions of Adobe Reader as well as antivirus software.

CheckFree has about 12,000 locations in the U. S. where customers can walk in and pay bills in person. Payments for services like utilities, credit cards, and mobile phones are accepted. But you can also pay bills on the business’s website.

This is not the first time that a Web site has been taken over using credentials from a Network Solutions account. In May, hackers used a similar technique to knock Comcast. net offline for several hours.

After a reader reported a problem with the website, the Register published the first news of the CheckFree hack.

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To view and pay your bills , please visit from your mobile browser. Thanks to the CheckFree Guarantee from Fiserv, you know your payment …

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What happened to CheckFree Web?

CheckFree Corp. More than 5 million customers have been informed by some of the banks that use its electronic bill payment service that criminals have taken control of several of the company’s Internet domains and are diverting customer traffic to a malicious Web site hosted in the Ukraine.

Can I pay CheckFree online?

CheckFree’s Online Service is happy to offer you the convenience of online bill payment in partnership with Fiserv.

How do I track my CheckFree payment?

To view payments made from every bank you’ve set up in MyCheckFree, select All Accounts. com. With a selected status. No matter the status of the payment, select All Payments to view them all. To view payments with the selected status only, choose Scheduled, Processed and In Process, Canceled, or Failed in the alternative.

What is CheckFree payment?

A: CheckFree’s Online Service enables you to receive and pay bills online from a single, handy location. From a bank account, such as a checking account, money market account, or brokerage account, you can pay your bills.

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