City Of Newark Nj Water Bill Pay

city of newark nj water bill pay

Welcome to the Newark Department of Water and Sewer Utilities. We are eager to assist you in learning about our offerings and how you can support our work.

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City of Newark Online Bill Pay

The City of Newark Online Payment Center enables city residents and or other interested parties, the ability to access existing accounts with the City of …

Payments – Newark Water and Sewer Utilities

You can pay your bill Online , in person, to pay by phone: 1-888-877-0450 or by mail. If you decide to use a Outside payment service please check your …


How do I pay my water bill in Newark NJ?

Paying your bill can be done online, in person, over the phone at 1-888-877-0450, or by mail. Please check your receipt if you choose to use an outside payment service to make sure that the money will go to the City of Newark, NJ, Water/Sewer department. The City of Newark Authorized payment service is ValuePay.

Who supplies Newark NJ water?

The largest city in the state of New Jersey, Newark, has a population of about 280,000 people who are served by the city’s water system. The City owns and manages a massive, intricate system that provides potable water to its residents.

Is there a water bill in NJ?

The new rates will become effective September 1, 2022. An average water customer using 5,520 gallons per month will see an increase in their bill of about $2 due to the approved rate increase. 93, and an average wastewater customer’s monthly bill will rise by about $3. 74.

Can I pay my water bill at Payzone?

Customers can pay their water bills, council taxes, and more at any Payzone store, among other services.

How can i ….Help you

Making payments simpler is one more way we’re working to better serve our clients. Find out more about paying your bills in person, online, or by mail. Try our online Water and Sewer Utility Payment System for simple access.

A Message from the Director

The Department of Water and Sewer Utilities, established in 1994 as part of a City government restructuring, consists of two self-liquidating utilities and is one of the largest publicly owned and operated water purveyors in the country, supplying over 400,000 residents and other industrial and commercial facilities that depend on Newark for their water supply with over 80 million gallons of premium quality, superior tasting drinking water each day.

The Department is tasked with managing a very valuable water resource and ensuring that residents and business customers have access to water continuously in the most effective and economical way possible, all while adhering to and exceeding all state and federal regulations. The Department also manages storm drainage, provides combined sewer overflow improvements, and collects and transports sanitary sewage to the proper wastewater treatment facilities in order to reduce pollution in the waterways in and around the City.

Newark’s water supply has long been a most valuable asset. The Department of Water and Sewer Utilities is still committed to safeguarding its substantial assets and investments by ensuring, maintaining, and preserving the integrity of our water infrastructure and distribution system, which includes 80 miles of transmission aqueducts, structures, and right of ways through three counties and 23 municipalities; Peq; and 500 miles of distribution mains and pipeline, ranging in size from 4-inch to 60-inch diameter.

Similarly, the Department is committed to maintaining our sewer infrastructure and collection system, which consists of 420 miles of collection mains, 50% of which are vitrified clay and 20% of which are brick, with diameters ranging from 8 inches to 120 inches; more than 7,600 catch basins; 17 combined sewer overflow structures with seven netting facilities and six screening facilities; two (2) storm water pumping stations; five (5) storm water drainage outfalls; and the South-Side I sewer main.

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Contracts for engineering, construction, and goods and services are in place with Newark Water and Sewer. This should be your first port of call if you want to do business with Newark Water and Sewer.

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