How To Pay My Secu Credit Card Bill

how to pay my secu credit card bill

It’s never been easier to pay your SECU credit card bill. You can do it online, by phone, or by mail. There are a few things you need to know before you get started. First, you’ll need your account number and routing number. You can find these on your most recent statement. Second, you’ll need to choose a payment method. You can pay by check, debit card, or credit card. Third, you’ll need to decide how much you want to pay. You can pay the minimum payment, the full balance, or anything in between. Once you have all of this information, you’re ready to make your payment.

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Mobile Payments – State Employees’ Credit Union

With Mobile Payments , you can securely use your SECU debit or credit card with just one tap or click from your device. They are secure and simple to use …

Pay Bills | SECU Credit Union

To enroll in Bill Pay , just login to Online Banking and click “ Bill Pay ” and follow the prompts. ENROLL NOW. *Your mobile phone carrier may charge for wireless …


Can I pay SECU credit card online?

Writing and mailing checks each month is a time-consuming, inconvenient, and expensive alternative to using online bill payment services. Pay your bills online via Member Access.

How do I set up autopay on my SECU credit card?

Please sign in to Online Banking to set up a recurring transfer if you want money taken out of your SECU account to pay your SECU credit card. You can also call Member Services at 800-879-7328 or 410-487-7328, or you can go to any branch. Automatic Payment for the minimum amount due.

How long does it take SECU to process a payment?

Contrary to popular belief, this process takes longer than a few seconds: the transaction might not show up in your online account activity for one to two business days, and it might take three days for the money to actually arrive in the merchant’s account.

Is a SECU card a Visa or Mastercard?

Regarding our Visa Credit Card program, we appreciate your interest. You can either take it to your nearby branch or print the Loan Information Checklist, gather the necessary information, and apply for the credit card by calling our 24/7 Member Service at (888) 732-8562.

New to SECU Bill Pay is the eBill option!

You will receive summaries directly to your payments screen once you set up eBill. The payment amount and due date will be visible at a glance!

For Safari users who are having trouble accessing Bill Pay:

  • Click Tools
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Privacy
  • Below the section Cookies and other website data: locate the section that shows how many sites are stored
  • Click Details
  • Click Remove All (This step may take some time to clear.)
  • Once completed, click Done
  • Close the browser, open a new one and type in and do not use a favorites link.
  • Do you need a quick, convenient way to pay your bills because you’re constantly on the go?

    Try SECU’s free Mobile Bill Pay!

    You can use our Mobile Banking to make payments right from your phone or tablet after enrolling in our Bill Pay program on your computer and configuring your payees!

    Haven’t signed up for Bill Pay yet?

    Please be aware that, for security reasons, Mobile Bill Pay transactions have dollar amount restrictions. Transactions must be $3,500. 00 or less. You will need to use regular Bill Pay on a computer if you need to process a payment that is greater than this cap.

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