Prima Medical Foundation Bill Pay

prima medical foundation bill pay

Due to higher out-of-pocket expenses and crude credit algorithms, many patients seeking treatment are turned away. But that doesn’t have to be the case It’s time to get more people the treatment they deserve

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Billing Department | Prima CARE, PC in MA & RI

Prima CARE COVID Flu Clinic — Appointments: (508) 675-3012 … available for billing question discussions, making payments or payment arrangements.

Billing & Insurance at MarinHealth | Marin County Hospital

For answers to billing questions at one of our MarinHealth Medical Network (provider) Offices, please call: 1-800-565-6049, between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, PST.

Our Superpower: assessing a patient’s ability to pay.

Our proprietary credit analytics engine is our secret weaponWe use it to quickly determine a patient’s financial capacity by assessing more than 200 attributes that are intended to enhance approvals and lower risk in each healthcare market we serve.

That’s rightMost patients can obtain the care they require with just one application, whether they have excellent credit or credit challenges.We provide straightforward payment options that are affordable, have no additional costs, and instantly pre-qualify patients using almost any device.

We’ve cracked the code on serving the underserved.

Providers are no longer required to turn away patients, provide a variety of financing options, or attempt to manage internal payment plans.

We know how to assess a patients ability to pay

Most patients will get approved

Customize your own finance program (no one-size-fits-all approach with us)

Stay connected to your business with on-demand, real-time reports

Talk to a member of our staff to learn how we can assist you in approving more patients. Together we can provide more care for more people

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