Scv Water Bill Pay

scv water bill pay

Paying your utility bills on time is an important part of being a responsible citizen. This blog post will delve into the specifics of SCV Water’s bill pay system, so you can make sure you’re doing your part to keep up with your water bill payments. SCV Water is a public utility focused on providing a safe and reliable water supply throughout the Santa Clara Valley. They also provide wastewater collection and other services that are essential for the area. In this blog post, we’ll go over the different methods you can use to pay your SCV Water bill, including online payments, automated payments, and in-person payments. We’ll also detail the advantages and disadvantages of each payment method, so you can pick the one that works best for you.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE for Santa Clarita Division Legacy Customers

Get your new account number and PIN by clicking the button below.

General inquiries may be submitted below. Please enter your phone number and address so we can contact you more quickly if you have questions about your account. Emails will be answered within two business days.

  • Name*
  • Email*
  • Phone
  • Address Street Address Address Line 2 City State / Province / Region ZIP / Postal Code Country
  • Account Number
  • Subject
  • Message*
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR REQUESTING RECORDS (California Public Records Act, Govt. Code Sections 6250-6276. 48).

  • In order to expedite your request, requests for records should be in writing (verbal requests are accepted as well). Requests will be processed within 10 days from the date received. A Public Records Request Form can be faxed to you by calling (661) 297-1600. A form is also available on the Agency’s web page at Select the “Contact Us” menu, followed by the “Public Records” menu. Requests may be submitted by facsimile to (661) 297-1610, or by email to [email protected].
  • Requests must be for records prepared, owned, used, or retained by the Agency (Gov. Code Sec. 6252(e)). Requests should be for clearly identifiable records. If necessary, the Agency will assist the requestor in making a request that describes reasonably identifiable records (Gov. Code Sec. 6253.1). Copies will not be provided if disclosure would infringe upon a copyright, trade secret, or is otherwise exempt in accordance with state law.
  • You will be notified within ten (10) days whether your request seeks copies of disclosable public records prepared, owned, used, or retained by this Agency. In most cases, your request will be completed within 10 days.
  • If the search for records finds the records voluminous, you will be notified of the approximate number of pages and/or length of time it will take to process your request.
  • If your request is to review records, rather than receive copies, the Agency will notify you once the records are gathered, and arrangements will be made for your review.
  • The charge for the direct cost of duplication is as follows: Paper Copies, $0.25/page and CD’s/DVD’s are $2.00 each. Payment will need to be received prior to the records being released.
  • For further clarification please refer to the California Public Records Act (California Gov. Code Sec. 6250 et seq.).
  • You can get in touch with the agency at (661) 297-1600, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m., if you have any questions about submitting a Public Records Act request. m. to 5:00 p. m. Our Fax number is (661) 297-1610. Our email address is prr@scvwa. org.

    To get in touch with the SCV Water Board of Directors, contact April Jacobs, the board’s secretary, at (661) 297-1600 or ajacobs@scvwa. org.

    Name Position Email Phone Number
    Matt Stone General Manager [email protected] (661) 297-1600
    Steve Cole Assistant General Manager [email protected] (661) 297-1600
    Keith Abercrombie Chief Operating Officer [email protected] (661) 297-1600
    Courtney Mael Chief Engineer [email protected] (661) 297-1600
    Ali Elhassan Director of Water Resources [email protected] (661) 297-1600
    Mike Alvord Director of Maintenance and Operations [email protected] (661) 297-1600
    Rochelle Patterson Chief Financial and Administrative Office [email protected] (661) 297-1600
    Cris Perez Director of Technology [email protected] (661) 297-1600
    Kathie Martin Communications Manager [email protected] (661) 297-1600


    What is legacy debt on SCV water bill?

    Legacy Debt: Only the Valencia and Santa Clarita divisions are affected by the debt that was formerly held by the retail divisions. The monthly amount for legacy debt does not change. Charges only apply to the few accounts that have received recycled water.

    Who provides water to Santa Clarita?

    In the Santa Clarita Valley, there is a full-service regional water agency called the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (SCV Water). Over a nearly 200 square mile area, SCV Water provides water service to about 300,000 commercial and residential customers.

    Is Santa Clarita affected by water restrictions?

    New restrictions Odd addresses Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Even addresses Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. No watering on Saturdays. Limit the number of cycles per station and per watering day (10 minutes maximum) for watering stations. ).

    Where does Santa Clarita water come from?

    A series of wells pump the groundwater into our system. Our water is sourced from the Sierra Nevada range to about a half. It emerges from the mountains, travels through the delicate Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and then travels through the State Water Project aqueduct to reach the Santa Clarita Valley.


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