Commerce Bank Medical Bill Pay

commerce bank medical bill pay

If you have a Commerce Bank account, you can easily pay your medical bills online. Simply log in to your account, click on the “Bill Pay” tab, and enter the amount you want to pay. You can also schedule recurring payments if you need to.

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Patient Financing | Commerce Bank

View your account balance, make a payment , or set-up recurring payments online. … For questions regarding your account or to pay by phone, call 855-893-1292.


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Is online bill pay available at Commerce Bank?

Online Bill Pay Pay your bills, plan payments for the future, and more

How do I set up Commerce Bank Bill Pay?

To set up the procedure for making automatic monthly payments from your deposit account, call customer service at 800-449-9829.

What is Commerce Bank health services financing?

Health Services Financing, or HSF®, is a program that Northern Light Health and Commerce Bank jointly offer that enables patients to pay out-of-pocket balances over time with a 0% APR. HSF® can assist you in concentrating on your health instead of paying for it as out-of-pocket expenses rise.

Payment/Fee What is the interest rate?

The interest rate is 0% interest for the patient/guarantor. Do I send my payments to Commerce Bank or Community Bank directly?

Community should not be paid by patients or guarantors for a HSF extended payment plan. It will be necessary to stop any previously set up automatic payments to Community for accounts going to Commerce Bank and send payments to Commerce Bank instead. Even if I have multiple accounts with Commerce Bank, will I only get one statement?

You will indeed get a single statement with a minimum balance due. You will also be able to see the specifics for each account noted separately on your Commerce Bank statement. If you create multiple accounts on the same day, they will all appear on the statement rolled into one line as noted. Are there transaction fees for each payment?.

No, there are no transaction fees for payment. Is there a mobile app, a place I can make a payment in person, or a way to set up an automatic payment for Commerce Bank?

You have several options for making payments:

  • You may make a payment online by activating online banking at
  • You may send a check to Commerce Bank, P.O. Box 801042, Kansas City, MO, 64180-1042. This address will also appear on your periodic statement.
  • If you have a Commerce Bank checking or savings account, you may make a payment through online banking (see above for enrollment link) or by calling Commerce Bank’s 24-hour automated phone line at 855-893-1292. You will be prompted to select the appropriate option to make a transfer from your checking or savings account to your Commerce Bank HSF extended payment plan.
  • If you have a checking or savings account at another bank, you may make a payment by calling Commerce Bank’s 24-hour automated phone line at 855-893-1292. You will be prompted to select the appropriate option and enter the routing number and account number of the checking or savings account you wish to pay from.
  • You may set up automatic recurring payments by calling Commerce Banks 24-hour automated phone line at 855-893-1292 or logging into your online banking account to request an auto-debit form that needs to be signed and mailed back to Commerce Bank.
  • Is there a discount for paying in cash?

    Eligibility Is this only for people with no insurance?

    No. Any patient or guarantor with a balance who is not past due is eligible for this. What is the smallest/largest dollar amount eligible?.

    The initial transaction needs to be more than $250 in order to establish a HSF extended payment plan. Subsequent transactions have no minimum required. Accounts with balances higher than the $50,000 cap on account balances will not be permitted to make any more transactions. Is this subject to a credit check and is there a screening process?

    No, there is no screening procedure, and your credit is not a factor. This is for any patient or guarantor who owes money right now. What information is needed to enroll?.

    In order to sign up for the Commerce Bank HSF extended payment plan, Community must give Commerce Bank your basic contact information, including your name, address, phone number, and social security number.

    Other Can I use Commerce Bank for all my Community bills?

    Please be aware that these payment plans only apply to billing statements received from Community Health Network, not from MACL, Medical Associates, or AmeriPath.

    NOTE: Accounts with Westview, Anderson, Home Health, Howard, and accounts with service dates earlier than February 1, 2017, are not eligible for the HSF extended payment plan. I signed up for a line of credit with Commerce Bank, but I haven’t yet received a statement.

    Typically, between 30-45 days after enrolling, you will receive your first statement. For more information, feel free to contact Commerce Bank at 855-893-1292. Please be aware that only the account holder will be able to contact Commerce Bank to request information. May I set up a joint account with my spouse?.

    No, there can only be one guarantor for the Commerce Bank Line of Credit. Please be aware that although other people, such as a spouse, can make a payment, they will not be able to view account information. No information will be given if someone other than the guarantor contacts Commerce Bank about the account. The guarantor’s personal information is all Commerce Bank needs to confirm the caller.

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