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h2go bill pay

BRUNSWICK COUNTY — On paper, last week’s reconciliation between the Town of Leland and Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO seems like a good idea.

The two public systems in northern Brunswick County have been in competition with one another for years, and not always for the benefit of the general public.

There are several locations in northern Brunswick County where redundant utility lines are present. These lines are there to reach specific developments, not for emergency backup, even though it would be more practical for the other system to do so.

The three public bodies, along with the nearby, tiny town of Belville (which illegally acquired H2GO in 2017), have spent millions of dollars fighting one another in and outside of court.

The conflict was essentially a long-running dispute over utility rights between rival towns in the fastest-growing N C. town over the past decade. Both motives seemed to have officially settled as of last week.

The merger, which H2GO and Leland officials unanimously approved in March, has been the subject of ongoing ethical and legal concerns from Brunswick County officials and business leaders. 19.

Officials from Leland and H2GO essentially say there is nothing to worry about, but county and business leaders complain that their inquiries have gone unanswered.

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