How Do I Pay My Adt Bill By Phone

how do i pay my adt bill by phone

Below are the best ways to contact ADT if you have a question or need to speak with a service representative.

There are numerous methods to contact ADT. Below, we’ve provided ADT’s various phone numbers and business hours to make contacting them as easy as possible. ADT customer service.

Use the troubleshooting and quick guide listed below to address common problems and address service issues without having to speak to an ADT representative if you don’t want to wait.

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Billing FAQs – Learn more about how to read your bill … – ADT

  1. More.
  2. Call (800) 587-4198.

ADT Billing | Pay Your Way with Easy Online Payment Options

First, you’ll need to log into MyADT .com. Click the Account tab from the left navigation and click Update Payment Method. If you’ve already entered at least one …

ADT® | Billing FAQs | Online Payments | EasyPay |

To find your payment due date, locate your statement online by logging into your MyADT .com account, selecting the My Account tab, and clicking on Statements …


How do I pay MyADT bill over the phone?

The automated payment option ADT EasyPay does get rid of the clutter of paper statements. ADT EasyPay can be set up using a bank account, credit card, or debit card.

Can I pay ADT with debit card?

ADT Customer LoginMyADT. Order batteries and yard signs, pay bills, handle your account, and more. Log in. ADT Control. To manage your ADT security system, access the ADT Control portal. Log in. ADT Pulse. To manage your system, add devices, and more, log into your ADT Pulse portal. Log in.

How do I check MyADT account?

Log into your MyADT. com account to download your billing statements. The statement contains the address for the proper payment location. Put your name and address and your ADT account number on your check. Keep in mind that you can always use MyADT to make a one-time payment or sign up for EasyPay. com.

How do I keep my ADT Video Doorbell charged?When installing your ADT doorbell, you can hardwire it to an existing doorbell or power it with a rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack typically holds a charge for three months. To check the power level remaining in the battery refer to the power indicator light on the device or through the ADT Pulse app. To recharge your battery, simply plug the battery into a power source with a micro-USB cable. Allow six to eight hours for the battery to fully recharge before reinstalling it in the device.

  • Away: This activates both the interior and exterior zones of your security system and is the best option to use when no one is inside your home.
  • Stay: This activates exterior sensors such as door alarms but deactivates interior sensors. This is the best feature to use if you have people or pets inside that could trigger interior alarms inadvertently.
  • When returning home it is important to always temporarily deactivate your security system by entering your four digit code. Once inside, set the system to “Stay” mode to reactivate exterior sensors.

    How do I test my ADT security system?ADT recommends that you test your security system every 30 days to ensure that your equipment is correctly sending signals to ADT. To test your system, sign into your account at

    Browse other options to get in touch with ADT.

    how do i pay my adt bill by phone

    Looking for new ADT services?

    Give us a call and speak with one of our devoted customer service representatives to learn how to get ADT service in your home.

    Looking for new ADT services?

    The options below allow you to pay your bill conveniently and without hassle if you need to view or pay your ADT service bill.

  • Online – Sign into your MyADT account to view statements and pay bills.
  • AutoPay – Make automatic payments each month from either a bank account or debit/credit card with ADT EasyPay.
  • Phone – Make payments from your phone by calling (800) 521-1734.
  • Mail – Make a payment through the mail by sending a check to the address listed on your bill. The address is listed under the “Mail payment to” label at the bottom of your statement.
  • ADT frequently asked questionsWill ADT security disrupt my WiFi network?No. ADT’s wireless security features run on a separate network than your home WiFi service.+How do I live chat with an ADT representative?Visit

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