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national dme bill pay

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08/06/2021I received a notice about a bill from this company from a collections agency, but the notice was suspicious-looking, and since I never have any trouble paying any bills, I assumed it might be a scam or an attempt to steal my identity. I therefore started doing some online research, and it turns out that this company has this issue a LOT; frequently, people only hear from the collections agency and do not receive the “three notices” that the company claims to have sent. There is NO WAY that we missed ALL of the “three notices” because my elderly mother lives with me and LOVES getting the mail. It is a regular part of her day. After doing some research, I discovered that this is a REGULAR PROBLEM with this company, so I called them to let them know that they need to fix it because it reflects poorly on them. They were friendly and heard me out. Not sure if theyll change their practices though.

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National DME

NationalDME provides inventory outsourcing solutions to hospitals, physician practices, outpatient clinics and surgical centers.

Payer Services |

Our web tools allow your case managers to easily place orders for injured workers or patients in need of medical equipment from simple off-the-shelf bracing to …


How do I bill Medicare for DME equipment?

1: Provide documentation of “reasonable and necessary” supplies when billing Medicare for DME supplies Each supporting document you send with a claim must demonstrate medical necessity. #2 Review Documents to Ensure Legibility. #3 Be Clear and Concise. #4 Use Up-to-Date Codes and Modifiers. #5 Submit Claim Documents.

What is DME in medical billing?

Durable medical equipment (DME) is a type of therapeutic device that is prescribed to patients with specific medical conditions or illnesses by qualified medical professionals. DME billing does not cover equipment used by a patient for convenience or for needs that are excessively medical.

What does DME stand for?

Medical professionals may order certain supplies and equipment for routine or long-term use. Wheelchairs, crutches, oxygen equipment, and blood test strips for diabetics are examples of DME that may be covered.

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