Can I Pay My Kohl’S Bill With A Gift Card

can i pay my kohl

With an affordable financing option, the Capital One Kohl’s credit card can assist you in purchasing what you require right away, whether you need baby clothes or kitchen supplies. Additionally, customers of Kohl’s Charge receive special discounts and deals via mail and email. Here are your options for paying your Kohl’s charges so you can keep your account current and continue to benefit from the rewards offered by your store credit card.

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Kohl’s Card Payments – Gift Cards or Kohl’s Merchandise Credit—gift-cards-or-kohls-merchandise-credit

Although you cannot make a payment toward your Kohl’s Card account using a Kohl’s Gift Card or Kohl’s Merchandise Credit, payments can be made at every Kohl’s store using a check, cash, debit card or money order.

Kohl’s Card Payment Options – Find Answers,17

You can pay your Kohl’s Card in any Kohl’s store, online on My Kohl’s Card, in the Kohl’s app, mailing a payment to us, and over the phone with our Customer …

Payment Options on

To place an order on Kohls .com, your billing address must: · Split Payments · Using a Gift Card or Kohl’s Merchandise Credit.


How do I make a payment on my Kohl’s account?

You have the option of paying now, scheduling a future payment, or enrolling in AutoPay, which will automatically debit your account each month. All payment options are found on the Payments page. If there is a payment due, you can access the page from the main Account page, the side menu, or the “Make a Payment” button.

What payment methods does Kohls use?

You can make a payment at a Kohl’s location using a check, cash, debit card, or money order. We also accept payments using a Kohl’s Cares® card.

How do I pay with a gift card on Kohls app?

Click “Add to Wallet”. Using a Kohl’s Gift Card or KMC online: Click the “Add a gift card” link when you’re ready to check out. The card number must be entered exactly as it appears in the Gift Card Details section. Enter the four-digit PIN exactly as it appears. (You will need to scratch or peel off the cover. )Click “Done. “.

Can I use a gift card online at Kohl’s?

Yes! Choose “Add a gift card” in the checkout process and enter the card number and four-digit PIN to use it online.

How to Pay a Kohl’s Charge Card Online

Register your account online at My Kohl’s Charge to make free online payments through the Kohl’s sign-in page. You can schedule daily payments for up to 180 days, or schedule payments to go out on the same day each month. Payments made online by 7 p.m. CST post the same day.

Additionally, you can use an online bill-pay service to pay your bills and set up autopay. Because some businesses send physical checks rather than electronic payments, Kohl’s advises scheduling payments at least five business days before the due date.

How to Make Payment at a Kohl’s Store

Checks, money orders, electronic debit, Kohl’s Cares cards, and other payment methods are accepted in-store by credit cardholders of Kohl’s. Payments made in cash or checks are accepted up until the close of business and post the same day. Get Credit Card Perks.

Use the store locator to find a local Kohl’s store.

How to Make a Kohl’s Charge Payment by Mail

You cannot mail cash to Kohl’s; however, you may pay your Kohl’s credit card bill with a check or money order. Mail your payment to:.

Kohl’s Payment Center P.O. Box 2983 Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

Residents of Ark. , Ariz. , Calif. , Colo. , Hawaii, Idaho, Mont. , Nev. , Okla. , Ore. , Texas, Utah, Wash. and Wyo. can send their payments to this Los Angeles address:.

P.O. Box 30510 Los Angeles, CA 90030-0510

How to Pay a Kohl’s Charge by Phone

To make a phone payment for a Kohl’s charge or to inquire about your account, dial 855-564-5748. 24 hours a day, the automated phone system at Kohl’s lets you make free payments. Make your payment by 7 p.m. and have your bank routing number and account number available. m. CST for same-day posting to your account.

During business hours, phone representatives can accept payments by debit or check over the phone. Associates are available from 7 a. m. to 9 p. m CST Monday through Saturday, and from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. CST on Sunday.

About Your Kohl’s Charge Billing Cycle and Payments

Although your payment is due on the same day every month, a billing cycle lasts approximately one month. From month to month, the billing cycle closing date may vary slightly. For precise date information, view your account online or consult your statement.

Your available credit may not reflect a Kohl’s charge payment for up to 15 days.

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